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03/05/2002 Archived Entry: "Version 2: up and running"

I get a new domain, so I make a new layout. Hey, I couldn't just reuse the same layout, could I? As you can see, version 2 of Just Wingin' It is now online. I've been working on this layout for two days now. The most interesting thing about this layout is that it is working entirely on Greymatter. In other words, it is running entirely off my server. Great, isn't it? Now I don't have to use Blogger for entries and I can add comments without using any outside service.

So... what has been going on...? Freedom to Surf has been refusing to display my old weblog for maybe a week or so now. In that time, I've been up to a bit. Things are really busy right now. Bleh. I have tons of stuff. First and foremost, I have a project for english. I haven't really done enough... and it's due tomorrow. *sweatdrop* I guess I'll be up late tonight *sigh* Other than that I have stuff I have to do for Insane Ink. I have to make a graphic for VSBA. I don't know what I'll do yet... I guess I'll just do something and toss around a lot of yellow and red. I have to do a flier for drama, as an assignment for ICA. I have to study for a test tomorrow in government. I have to do homework and study for a quiz tomorrow in stat. Yup... I have a lot to do. Bleh.

During the last week I haven't really been doing much. I did go to Dandan and LJ's birthday party thingy this last Saturday. That was pretty fun. I didn't know very many people, but I guess that left me with a good opportunity to meet new people. I met some people I wouldn't normally be able to meet. People who go to Homestead and peoples from MGL and SVGL. The sad thing was that there was drama and LJ was kinda out of it for a while. Well... as evening rolled around, things were a lot better. We played on swings and a turtle. That was great. We got a whole five, six people on a stone turtle thingy in the playground. Then we rolled down hills. ^_^ That was just great. Unfortunately, there were two things of mine that broke at that party. My Palm broke when I rolled down the hill. I remembered to take it out most of the time, but the first time I went downhill, I didn't, so I suppose that's why my Palm's screen is all cracked now. *sigh* I gotta send that thing in to get it fixed. It works fine, but the screen is all cracked and the touch response is completely shot. I hope it doesn't cost much to fix. Along with my Palm, my glasses also broke. My sunglasses. Don't worry, they aren't prescription or anything. But I love my green glasses. =( The glass didn't break, but the frame did. I gotta take them back to Silver Silver to see if I can get those fixed. Otherwise, I might just have to buy new ones. All in all, besides having things break, I think the party was good fun. Although I did have trouble talking with peoples. I am quite shy by nature. I don't meet new people easily.

How am I feeling? I'm feeling a bit stressed. Yep, lots o' work will do that to you. I also feel kinda... well... bleh. I get this feeling often. I want a girl. =( Now I'm hearing peoples talking about prom. Mary even asked me if I had a date. Yeah right I do. I'm really not sure who I would like to go with. Besides, I wouldn't be able to ask anyway. *sigh* I'm hoping things will look up.

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