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03/05/2002 Archived Entry: "Comments Now Functional!"

Who'da thunk, eh? I finally got my comments to work. It still looks really bad because it's the default Greymatter comment template, but I'll get around to fixing that in a day or two. So feel free to post comments now.

What really perturbed me was that Greymatter was constantly looking for my archives in my cgi-bin. What's up with that? I just couldn't get it to work. In the course of getting the comments to work, I deleted and re-installed Greymatter something like three times. I was really annoyed. I don't know how, but I finally got it to work, so now the world is happy once again. ^_^

As a final comment, I would just like to say how cool Greymatter is. You get to customize everything. It's crazy. I'm still trying to figure somethings out. Expect spiffier things when I get the hang of it.

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