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03/06/2002 Archived Entry: "School Sucks"

Argh... I'm really feeling like school sucks. I don't feel at all motivated. I know I gotta do the work to get good grades, but I don't know... I just want to spend more time playing around in Photoshop or something, since I'm seriously considering a career in graphic design. I also want to work on more layout work. Layouts are so fun to make. I just don't have the time. *sigh* Well... back to my homework....

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I haven't taken any art classes eiteher. *sweatdrop* I guess I'll just have to do that in college.

Posted by Tsubasa @ 03/07/2002 10:59 PM PST

ahh... graphic design. that's what i think i may be going into, or at least 3d graphics. but the thing is i've never taken any art classes... ahahaha ^^;

Posted by dandan @ 03/07/2002 05:40 PM PST

ahh... that's... basically how I feel. cursèd AP classes ¬_¬

Anyways, ^^;; You probably think I'm some stranger. I stopped by your blog to check your cursèd numbers code... and... yeah... ended up reading your blog cuz I don't wnat to do my homework *sweatdrop* at it's.. midnight =_=;; I noticed you're currently into Angelic Layer and Sister Princess!! *glomps* XD the ones I love right now too! Eh, I hope I'm not scaring you o_o;; My blog layout is AL, and my domain layout is SP. Your current version theme "Fly Your Sky" was mine... before I changed the layout too! Wah, you're cool!

*must...add... your... link now* .-. Now I want to chat with you sometime or something o_O;;

Posted by Hikari @ 03/06/2002 11:58 PM PST

Awww, don't push yourself so hard. ^^; I'm still pretty Photoshop illiterate. I gotta get me a digital drawing pad sometime! XD

Posted by hananikko @ 03/06/2002 10:45 PM PST

do be do this is me!

Posted by Nanona @ 03/06/2002 07:55 PM PST

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