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03/07/2002 Archived Entry: "Stupid English Project..."

Today I had to turn in my english project on A Midsummer Night's Dream. I tell you, my project is really, really crappy. I also had to do a presentation about my book. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish my presentation because time was called. I got gypped.

I had to do some work for Insane Ink after school today. We did some screening for an order for Leland Key Club.

I heard of the rollback on RO already, but Vincent tells me that people are giving crap to Christy, the english game web master because of everything they lost. Well... you know... she can't really do anything. She doesn't controll anything. She shouldn't get hate mail. I'm going to carry out my mission as a member of pancakes. I'm going to e-mail her, as Vincent would say, "<3 mail."

I just want to say, thanks Zankuro for linking to me. I feel special now. ^_^ Hikari, thank you for adding me to Cursèd Numbers. That's such a great idea for a web clique. I wish you luck with it. Maybe, as you suggested, we can chat sometime. Nice layout Dandan. I haven't really listened to music by Boa, but she's cute and she's a good subject for a layout. Good luck with your art! Really impressive layouts Zeruel. I love the SephNET layout. I look forward to your panel at Fanime.

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