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03/09/2002 Archived Entry: "Anime Comments"

I think I'll comment about some of the anime I've been watching recently:

Love Hina Again: I saw episode two a few days ago. I went into it expecting something decent after the surprisingly decent first episode... unfortunately, I was let down. They ruined Kanako's character. She was never that blatantly forward in the manga (at least not to the point of uncuteness). Geez... they just have to ruin one of my favorites (right up there with Naru). Now I've have lost all faith in any possible future Love Hina anime.

Video Girl Ai: Really good! I love the manga and the anime is just like it. It covers the first tankouban and goes a little into the second before it goes into a completely different ending. Not bad. My favorite scenes were in there too. ^_^ It's such a touching series. Do you know how much I cried? I cry too easily.... (Ai ^_^)

Aa! Megami-sama: Last time I saw this was a good two, three years ago, so I decided to watch it again. Wow... this OVA is great. Doesn't beat out Taiho Shichau Zo! (You're Under Arrest!) as my favorite OVA, but it's pretty high up there. Isn't as good as the manga either, but it tells a touching story in itself. (Skuld ^_^)

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i knew you'd like VGA, its such a cool anime.... the best part about it is that while it is diferent from the Anime, it is the real part of it. thats what the author/artist says. he wanted the original concepr, and thats what he really wanted. i'm glad you liked it, now i just have to get it back from you!!!! that and Lain, you thief!!!! and you didnt even mention it so i know that you havnt been watching it. so bring it back!

Posted by moo @ 03/10/2002 12:52 PM PST

No prob! ^_^ I love your domain, and can't wait to see you open it! Tsubasa reminds me of a lot of stuff, like the Sister Princess ending theme! =D

I'd love to chat with you sometime cuz I don't really know anyone that loves both SP and AL, though ^^;; don't know... like what prgm you use [AIM? MSN?]... *sweatdrop*

And I totally agree with the Love Hina Again thing. =__=;; The manga is better.

I envy you for time to watch anime. ^^;; I'm still buried in homework... waaah...

Posted by Hikari @ 03/10/2002 11:34 AM PST

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