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03/12/2002 Archived Entry: "Slacking Off"

I've been slacking off a lot recently. The great thing is that I can. I haven't had a whole lot of work to do since Thursday or so. I've been spending a lot of my time in Photoshop, learning things and practicing things. I love Photoshop. Fireworks is alright too, since all it seems to be is a stripped-down Photoshop. Yeah, I know there are exclusive features, but I'll never use those anyway, so what's the use of using it? Oh well... I have it if I ever do want to use it. I also just got Paint Shop Pro. Wow... I can see how it's similar to Photoshop, but the feel is so different. I don't know... I'm just so comfortable in Photoshop now that PSP just feels wrong. I guess I'll spend some time someday to get used to it, but I'm not in much of a rush. I like my Photoshop just fine. ^_^ Can't wait for Photoshop 7! I hope they beef up the vector tools. It should be more like Illustrator. Oh yah, I also just got Illustrator 10. I haven't installed it yet though. I'll get to that someday....

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grar... i reallyreallyreally like PSP aloooot betta than photoshop. probably cause i've been using PSP since psp ver2.0 (i'm not kidding... you should've seen it lol, it was just like paint!)

photoshop is more professional, but psp is betta for webgraphics. me, i just like psp betta period

Posted by dandan @ 03/13/2002 05:27 PM PST

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