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03/14/2002 Archived Entry: "It's White Day!"

Today's White Day. Yah, I know no one celebrates it in the US, but my friends and I decided to. ^_^ Well... not traditional White Day. We were just hanging out one day around Valentines when I believe it was Sataya who suggested that we dress up for White Day. There was no reason not to, so it was decided. Today we were to wear black pants, a white dress shirt, and a tie. I had a shiny, silver tie. It was fun to wear something like that to school, although kind of annoying when I had to explain to every other person, but all in all it was still quite fun. Stupid Vincent, Anthony, and James. You were in on it too! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Well... at least Sataya and I were stylin'. ^_^

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I was sick thank you very much!

Posted by SLM @ 03/23/2002 11:40 PM PST

I had a paper tie on! that counts for dressing up!!!
i wore that thing all day, the people on the bus and in CCOC were giving me weird looks all day =b
oh well ja!

Posted by Cinti @ 03/15/2002 12:29 PM PST

Darnit! I tell you I didn't feel like breaking out the good shoes. Besides, I don't know where they are. They're among all those other shoe boxes and all....

Posted by Tsubasa @ 03/15/2002 12:38 AM PST

BTW, I still think you should've of worn one of those shiney black shoes, besides VANS!::gah:: ^^;

Posted by hananikko @ 03/14/2002 11:08 PM PST

ooo...a guy that travels in style. ^_~ Hehehe. Proud of you both. I should have done that.

Posted by June @ 03/14/2002 10:01 PM PST

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