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03/20/2002 Archived Entry: "Kiwi Down?"

Sorry for any down time folks. Apparently Kiwi (the machine I'm on) has been having some hardware problems. At least Aletia is working on it. They don't seem to be having as much trouble with any of their other machines, so it's a safe assumption that things will be alright after they fix the problem.

Oh yah... gotta mention a few things:

Val, your layouts always amaze me. Geez... I'm not even over the amazing orange summer one and now you change it again. That's not a bad thing, but give me some time to digest these things, ok? ^_^

Glad to see you're over your drawing block, Saka. But geez... hard coding everything? How do you do that? That's more work than I want to do. Anyway, I look forward to some interesting banter again. ^_^

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I feel so honored. My log's been secretly loved. ^_^ Thanks for linking me.

Posted by Tsubasa @ 03/20/2002 06:16 PM PST

*poke* Hiye there! ^.^

Nou, it's not as much work as it looks. ^_^ It just takes more thought on the organization. I find it much easier, actually. *_* More work, but more easy. ^_^

And before I forget, I shall link you, because I've been secretly loving your journal yo. *_*

-Saka chan

Posted by Saka Ogawa @ 03/20/2002 03:13 PM PST

just a reminder music video XD

Posted by Cinti @ 03/20/2002 12:32 PM PST

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