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03/20/2002 Archived Entry: "T'was a Mundane Day"

My history teacher always likes to begin each class period with a "what's new in the news" session, where we, the students, discuss what's new in the... well... news. During today's session, we brought up that new veggie burger thing Burger King now has. It got me thinking about vegetarians again. So they don't want to eat animals, right? It's taking away a defensless life, right? Well... what about plants? Sure, they don't move or protest in any way when you kill them, but you're still killing them, right? Does that make it any more "right" to kill them?

After school I hung out with Sataya in after school tutoring thing. Hah! That place is a joke. Like anyone ever gets any tutoring-type help. Everyone just goes there and works on their own homework or pretends to do their homework just to get the extra credit. That's what Sataya's doing. We were just playing around on the internet the whole time. ^_^ I found out that the Sexy Crew log does work on school computers. Yay. We watched some spiffy flash movies too. Oh yah, can't forget, we also looked at some bad pick-up lines. My favorite: hey, you must be Snickers because you satisfy me. Bwahahaha! That's good, in a very bad, corny way.

Social loggin':

Yes, Blogger does get rather annoying at times. I hate how it takes a while to post stuff at times. I've also noticed that Blogspot seems to be a tad unreliable as a server. Well... downtime is rare, but it slows down occasionally. Whatever. I'm using Greymatter. I'm happy. ^_^

Ahh!!! You got One Piece manga!?! I want to read that. I know that I can read scanslations, but I like reading it from a tankouban. I'm envious.

Ahh!!! x2 New layout! You just crank them things out, don't you? ^_^ Dang, that's cool. I love it. One question: how do you do those textures on the letters? You know... that liney-dotty texture.

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are u going to tutoring after school often?
i'm planning to stop buy like the last hour or so every thursday ^_^
i'd love to see u there cuzz i really dont' see any1 much of my day... any extra time w/ my friends i treasure

Posted by Cinti @ 03/21/2002 12:49 PM PST

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