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03/24/2002 Archived Entry: "My Saturday with Karen"

Yesterday was a nice Saturday. I spent my day with my friend Karen, who I haven't seen in a little while. Last I saw her was Christmas time. Anyway, she goes to the Academy of the Arts and they have spring break right now. Actually, it's ending right now. That school has the strangest breaks. Apparently they have them whenever it's convenient for the faculty. Anyway, coming to her house, I was kinda scared of her parents. Before they didn't really approve of male friends, but for some reason they apparently don't care as much now. It was still scary though. So yah, going on, she has a new house. Wow... it's so big! It's great. It would look nice if it were complete. ^_^ Heh heh... they haven't finished it completely yet. Still looks great though. So what did we do? We went out grocery shopping! Yay. I actually enjoy grocery shopping when it's with friends or something. At least it's better than when I go out with my mom. We got some stuff for her to bring back to the dorm, some stuff for her mom and brother, and some stuff to cook dinner with. Upon returning, I played some Soul Calibur with her brother. I wish I had my stick.... *grumble grumble* Well... at least I won more. I got something like 13-3. After that, we took her brother out to go get his hair cut. Spent some time dallying in the Great Mall and looked at table wares. After that, we went back to her house and cooked dinner. Yes, we cooked dinner. We made this ridiculously easy pasta sauce, which still tasted great. We ate that with some fettuccini. Yummy. After that, unfortunately I had to go home. =( So thus was my Saturday. Really great day. ^_^ *waiting for semester break*

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i said this once.. and i'll say it again...
i miss her...
but i'm glad to hear she's well =)

Posted by Cinti @ 03/24/2002 09:17 PM PST

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