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03/26/2002 Archived Entry: "A Progress Report Lecture"

My progress report came today. It wasn't that great. I got a C in physic and english (just got too lazy there). The worse thing was a D in stat. Although my teacher told us that this last grading period is traditionally the lowest grade you'll get in stat. That's alright, as I have a B- now. I'm alright with my grades, but unfortunately my parents aren't. My mom isn't exactly scolding me, but my dad felt like he had to give me a lecture. Oh how I hate his lectures. Especially when they're about my grades. Recently I've been bringing home slightly lower grades than I used to get. C's have been reering their ugly head at times on progress reports and sometimes on report cards. He's been on my case for that. He tells me to go tell him that I need help. Hah! Like I'd go to him of all people for help. I've decided that I will try to improve my grades on my own. What's wrong with that? I'm studying and trying. Sometimes I don't exactly succeed and because of this he feels like he has to get on my case even more. *sigh* Something that really hurt me this lecture was that he decided that he had to mention how he could throw me out. He says that if I don't do well in college, then he will just throw me out and let me fend for myself. That really gets to me. I don't see why he has to bring that into the picture. I know he can do that, but I don't intend to do so bad that he feels like he has to throw me out. A really disturbing trend in these lectures of his is his implication that I'm useless. He hasn't said that directly, but he has said that he thinks I have no useful skills and that I'm not strong physically, so I wouldn't be able to do manual labor. He thinks that I would be completely helpless when searching for a job. He thinks that I'd only be able to get a job at McDonalds or the movie theatre. Bah! I know I'm more talented than that. I have web designing skills, so I can do web design like Dandan. If all else fails, I could try to get an internship at some tech firm. I'm not exactly unskilled when it comes to computers. He's also been getting on my case about exercise. He bought a weight training set, which we have in the backyard. He expects me to use it. Well, I don't feel like using it. I don't like training by lifting weights. So I don't do it. Is that so wrong? Well, he thinks it is. I intend to take up martial arts again sometime, so I'm not worried about my physique. There's another disturbing trend in his lectures. He tells me to give up anime and video games. He says I'm too old for them. Like hell I am! I've been a avid anime fan for eight years and video game fan for thirteen years. Like I'm going to give them up because he tells me to. He thinks they distract me too much from my responsibilities. Hah! I'm not giving them up. At least not until I feel like giving them up, which won't be for a long time, if ever. Something else that he has been attacking (although not in this particular lecture) is my friends. He thinks that they are all stupid or something. Of course I know better, all he sees, or chooses to see, is the fun-loving, slacking side of them. Well, they do school work too. They know their responsibilities too. He refuses to see that side of them or something. I don't want to let all of this stuff get to me... I want to be strong... I want to take it, but I can't help crying. He thinks I'm useless, he disapproves of my friends, and he disrespects my hobbies. Who wouldn't cry?

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Hey David,I just read this blog just now. Haven't been commenting lately.::damn art project::XD::. Now I'm not gonna get all setimental now, but just wanted to let you know that there are people that actually care about u. ^__^ Anyway, I believe in you,just like how you believe in me in becoming a famous artist. I'm with you on this one all the way!::swoosh::::ha ha ha ha ha

Posted by hananikko @ 03/27/2002 04:53 PM PST

welcome to the club ~_~ *pat pat*
i soo feel u on this one...
the only advice i can give u is the same way i'm trying to deal w/ it... try your hardest.. prove them wrong.. then rub it in like there is no 2marrow

Posted by Cinti @ 03/26/2002 11:33 PM PST

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