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03/26/2002 Archived Entry: "Feeling Better"

I'm feeling better now. I'm not feeling sad anymore. Now I'm just kinda peeved. I guess that's an improvement. I'm sleepy too and I still have stat work, and graphics to do for Spanish Club and VSBA. Also, if I find time, I need to do some physic work. Ah! I got my work cut out for me.

Another test:

If I were a Slayers character, I'd be Sylphiel Nels Rada!  Who would you be?

I figured as much. That other test on Select Smart isn't exactly the most accurate test in the world. Me? Lina? Where did that come from?

On a happy note, Kiwi is now all up and happy. They apparently fixed the memory problem. Now the machine has 2 gigs of memory. Dang... I want that kind of memory in my computer....

Does anyone even read my log? I've been noticing quite a lack of comments recently.

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hoy, i haven't been reading lately XD but i am it hate dads that do that though sorry for not commenting

Posted by satayamon @ 03/28/2002 08:02 PM PST

i have suggestion. i think if u change your font color, it would be easier to read.

Posted by andia @ 03/27/2002 11:33 PM PST

Hey, I respond here ocassionally. The problem is my schedule has been pretty heptic lately and I don't have alot of leisure time in my hands.::::bad excuse sorry::--;;

Posted by hananikko @ 03/27/2002 04:56 PM PST

yes.. i know how u feel on that one too.. the lack of comments...
well the truth is.. people do read it.. just 99% of them have nothing to say.. which is really sad...

Posted by Cinti @ 03/26/2002 11:34 PM PST

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