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03/30/2002 Archived Entry: "Spring Break Day Two"

Ah... spring break day two is nearing its end. Today I had some fun.

In the morning Allan-kun came over. He wanted to borrow some anime to watch over this long, boring week. Alright, so I let him borrow some. We chatted, played on the computer, and played some Soul Calibur. Some good fun. Then we went over to his house and played some Smash Bros. I'm out of practice... he beat me. Oh well... what'cha gonna do?

Went over to Vincent's house and hitched a ride with him to the movies. A group of us went to see Resident Evil. It was Vincent, Jeff, Sataya, Ken, Tina, and me. I really didn't want to go see it, but I went because it was something to do. The movie surprised me. It wasn't as lame as I thought it would be... although it wasn't good either. Oh well... what do you expect? It's a video game to movie adaptation.

After the movies I went to my grandmama's for her birthday celebration. That was fun. I got to see some family from south CA. Had some fun there. It was actually amuzing watching the adults trying to make birthday wishes to my grandma in four words. ^_^ It was a game they were playing. They came up with some pretty good ones too. Oh yah! My uncle has an Elura 20!!! I want one!!! I want to go around and film everyone, all Tomoyo-chan-esque. ^_^ That thing is the size of my palm! But dang... they're too expensive... *sniff sniff* I won't be getting one for a while... *sniff sniff*

Just something to think about:
Today I went over to my uncle's house. He has a cordless mouse. That got me thinking about something I've been wondering: why do they have cordless trackballs? The trackballs don't move! They don't need to be cordless! What's the point?

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I told you the movie wasn't crappy. ^^ Cept I wish they didn't have to add that new twist about Lickers mutating!!! Heh heh, anyway I'm not very fond of trackballs, but cordless ones..Hmmmmm.,.........

Posted by hananikko @ 03/31/2002 01:39 PM PST

track balls are cool i just guess it just takes some getting used too because soo used to the mouse instad of a track ball which i used with my old mac...=/

Posted by satayamon @ 03/31/2002 11:00 AM PST

what i'd do for one of dem cordless track ballz

Posted by cinti @ 03/30/2002 11:49 PM PST

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