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03/31/2002 Archived Entry: "Spring Break Day Three"

Today I had my cousin from Pasadena to spend time with. He came on over early in the morning to play. He took the computer and had some fun going online and playing Yahoo! pool, all while complaining about the trackball. Bah! Mouse user....

At two-thirtyish we wanted to go somewhere so we went out to MGL. Yes, I went out to a Golfland. How often does that happen? Not often, let me tell you. Had some fun playing a little DDR. I finally tried out 6th Mix for the first time. Dang, that feels strange holding down a leg or two.... I also tried out Tekken 4. Tekken is a strange game for this Soul Caliburer. Speaking of SC, I played some of that too. There were actually peoples who knew how to play too! *pauses for gasps* Well... I played three people. I was obviously better than two of them and one guy was about my level, possibly a little better. Although I didn't play like I usually do. Argh! You have a nice arcade stick at home and get used to it, then you go to the arcade and then you're handicapped because of the poor equipment in the machines! I wanted to play him with my ASCII FT stick... although that was kinda out of the question. Oh well... fun fun.

Come night time, I helped my sister in Photoshop and Dreamweaver. She wants to get a log up too. So yah... I gave her some pointers and told her how to do lots o' things. Which reminds me... you peoples who want to come over to learn a thing or two, contact me. It's spring break. You have time to come over and I have time to show you things.

I also took some time out of the day to watch Hikaru no Go 15-20. Wow... it's a good series. Who'da thunk that a series about the game Igo would be so good? So much human drama. I want to play Go now....

*Applaudes* Great April Fools joke there GameFAQs *applaudes*

Social loggin':

-Spring Break's already over for you? That sucks. Mine just started, so I still have a week... I hope school isn't that bad for you.
-Hehe... I know your real name now. ^_^ I guess it's only fair, you already know my real name.
-Yes, you are cute. ^_^

-I'm waiting for that new layout... ^_^

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XD david's breaking the cycle!!!!!!!!! he has gone on aim and he went to mgl!?!?! has the world gone mad!~ i wanna go over sometime but i dunno when ^^;;

Posted by satayamon @ 04/01/2002 09:41 AM PST

maan... i wanna learn some stuff, but we DON'T HAVE SPRING BREAK... yet. thats not cool. everyone else has spring break and homestead doesn't @_@; weird weird and weirder.

also wish i could've gone w/you guys to RE... was supposed to go to SVGL too... but HW HW HW. junior year sucks.

wait... you JUST tried out 6th mix...? wow ^^; 7th mix came out a couple days ago i think

Posted by dandan @ 04/01/2002 05:15 AM PST

the wow ness =X
we should play SC again.. i'm horrible at that game now..
instead of me win 3x and he win once... it's now too me win 2x to once >_< i need to practice!

Posted by Cinti @ 04/01/2002 01:19 AM PST

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