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04/02/2002 Archived Entry: "Spring Break Day Five"

Ah... April Fools just passed by us, didn't it?

Wow... there were lots o' April Fools jokes flying around. Dandan's site being shut down by the FBI, Saka's withdrawal from the anime and internet world, The end of fanfiction and doujin announcement, the animation of Naruto by the WB announcement, and Dual Translations's release Love Hina 15, chapter 1 on their ML, among others. I believed none of it. I got very skeptical when I figured out that it was the first of April. I can't believe how many people did though.

Yesterday James, Carolyn, Vincent, and Jeff came over to film stuff for a project their doing. They are trying to sell a "do-anything" service. My portion had me looking around my kitchen for fish sauce, but I couldn't find it. What could I do? Easy! I picked up the phone and dialed! Yes, then their brilliant service came and brought me a brand new bottle of fish sauce. Thus was my segment. It was quite fun to do. ^_^

Today Sataya and Vincent came over. Yay. We slacked off and I showed them things about Photoshop. I think they learned things. Vincent really seemed to like the pen tool. Sataya needs to play around in Photoshop a bit more before I start showing him some more advanced stuff. It was fun.

Nice layouts there Zeruel! Looks like you learned quite a few things. They look great. You better show me some of that stuff at Fanime. ^_^

Poor Saka.... Sounds like you had a horrible day. All that waiting must have been torture. Then after the poking and proding, they tell you you need to get your wisdom teeth out? Then to add insult to injury, you can't drive? Geez... you really do need a hug. Will you take virtual hugs? ^_^

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Hey Tsubasa-kun. Taking a first look at your new layout, and geez, I need to learn Photoshop INCREDIBLY badly. Oh well, twenty-eight more days till the opening of my own web domain, so I have yours to keep me happy. Hehe, Ruri-ruri is so spiffy! I had nothing to do tonight, so I was all, "hey, why don't I see David-kun's web domain?" And here I am.
Well, keep it up Tsubasa-san!
(p.s. I'm a warmonger!*really stupid battle stance*)

Posted by Ryoko-chan @ 04/10/2002 09:52 PM PST

*hugglesqueak* Don't underestimate the virtual hug nyo. :P

Posted by Saka chan @ 04/03/2002 05:19 PM PST

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