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04/02/2002 Archived Entry: "tsubasa.nu"

I'm proud to announce that I am now the proud owner of the domain tsubasa.nu. This is great. My last domain was alright I guess, but it kinda annoyed me from the beginning. I wanted tsubasa.net, but unfortunately it was taken. I really wanted to name my site TsubasaNET, so I went for tsubasa-net.org. After a while, I found out that tsubasa.nu was still available, so I rushed to assemble $60 to register it for two years from nunames.nu. Unfortunately, my sister was being really stingy with her credit card, so she wouldn't let me use it, telling me "you don't need it." Bah. Domains are not about what you need. It's about getting the thing before anyone else does. ^_^ So I went to Sataya and, with his brother's help and card, we registered the domain. So yah folks, update your bookmarks and links because my site is now tsubasa.nu. ^_^

I love this domain. ^_^

Note: You can still access my site using tsubasa-net.org because I parked that domain. But just change your bookmarks and/or links to tsubasa.nu. Besides, tsubasa-net.org will expire in a year.

If anyone cares, I have changed machines. I have been moved from Kiwi to Chick.

Doesn't it seem that the only people with Niue domains are anime fans? There's rinoa.nu, chiharu.nu, kouryuu.nu, and tomoyo.nu among others. The vast majority of Niue domains I see are anime ones. Interesting....

Finally, I have to extend a really big thanks to Sataya and his brother's credit card. ^_^

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Nice weblog! ^^;; cute design,can't wait for your domain to open!!

Posted by Cryssi @ 04/03/2002 06:18 PM PST

woo!!! finally up eh? howis it? well i'm at anthony house and we spent the night and so yeah that's all i'll see you later then about about friday after james' house ^^

Posted by satayamon @ 04/03/2002 12:50 PM PST

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