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04/03/2002 Archived Entry: "Spring Break Day Six"

I stayed at home and slacked off the entire day today. I'm proud of myself. ^_^ Didn't do any homework. Yep, I love spring break. ^_^

Oh wait, I did do something. I went out for a little while to go buy some Wienerschnitzel. Mmmmm.... Wienderschnitzel... ^_^ I love that stuff. I got a nice chili cheese burger, dog, and fries. Their chili stuff is tasty. Dang, food is great. I love eating. Mr. Wong, my physiology teacher last year, always said that eating is always associated with fun and happiness (snacking at movies, eating at sporting events, etc.). I would have to agree. Eating brings me happiness. ^_^

That reminds me... I've been eating a lot, but I haven't really been getting too much exercise. I quit kickboxing months ago and I really haven't been getting much exercise since then. I used to have a slight six-pack, but now it's all but gone. Although I haven't really gained any weight because my body's cool like that. ^_^ I decided today that I'm going to do some squats, pushups, situps, stretching, and possibly running occasionally when I'm not feeling too lazy. I need to stay in shape. I want to be like I was months ago at kickboxing. I was in pretty good shape, putting on some muscle, and I never got sore. Wish me luck peoples. I'm going to try, but I'm not sure how I'm going to do. I'm pretty darn lazy.

I worked on some of my drawings today. Yep, I drew. You might not believe that I draw, but that's because I never show anyone. I'm really, really nitpicky. I'm one of those peoples who is never satisfied with their artistic works. I'm never completely satisfied with my layouts and I'm never confident enough in my drawings to show anyone. It's just how I am. Maybe someday I'll CG something nice for you peoples to see, but not anytime soon.

I've been watching "The End of Angelic Layer: Farewell To The Stary Sky" video. Dang, that video's great. I love the remix of "The Stary Sky." Also doesn't hurt that I love Angelic Layer. I don't know what's so special about it, but I really, really enjoy watching that series. It is by far my favorite anime series of 2001. I really need to rewatch it. My favorite character is Hatoko-chan. She's so cute! ^_^

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hehe, I am so late with this, gomen nasai.. but I like the sound of tsubasa.nu...it is cute and also this layouts is so adorable, thanks for the comments on my layout!

Posted by shinobu @ 04/04/2002 09:41 AM PST

hahah, woww...seems like you have a very very lazy life...but hey..can't blame ya...it's spring break...and i've been doing almost the same thing as you are..ehhee..anyways, just wanna drop ya a line. =)

Posted by cat fan @ 04/04/2002 09:39 AM PST

Let me just inform you that this was not my first time. I doodle occasionally. I guess you can call me a closet artist. ^_^

Posted by Tsubasa @ 04/03/2002 11:06 PM PST

Wow! YOu actually tried to put your artistic talents to the test neh? So how does it feel? Its okay, the first time may not be satisfying time, but you get the hang of it. Trust me

Posted by hananikko @ 04/03/2002 11:04 PM PST

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