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04/04/2002 Archived Entry: "Asuka Figure!!!"

You won't believe what I just got. Heck, I don't believe what I just got.

Today I went out to get my hair cut. My mom insisted. Oh well, whatever. I don't care. Afterwards, I convinced my sister to take me to Nikaku. I wanted to get an art book or at least a few shitajiki. But little did I know what was in store for me. As I was browsing around, I noticed some boxes by the VHS box sets. One was red and one was green. I took a look. To my surprise they were the Evangelion limited edition manga 7: Asuka version and Rei version. Kadokawa released them this last December 14. Both come with a special edition Christmas cover, but the Asuka version comes with an adorable Asuka figure in Christmas garb, while the Rei version comes with a Rei figure similarly doning Christmas attire. I was shocked. I had lost all hope of ever getting one since Animenation ran out of stock. I quickly nabbed the Asuka version, as I really, really like Asuka. ^_^ My sister took the Rei version. Another delightful surprise what that it was only $15. Rather reasonable if you ask me, as it says 1200 on the packaging. But Animenation was selling it for a good $30. Them greedy bums. Anyway, I payed for it and took it home with me. Now I'm so happy. You know how lucky I am? These must be sold out everywhere else. So yes, I'm quite happy. I really like Asuka. She's one of my favorite anime characters. She's really cute to boot. ^_^ I'll leave you with pictures.

Limited edition cover
Asuka figure
Rei figure

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a HAIR CUT!!!!?
... U LUCKY DOG! (not talking about hair cut)

Posted by Cinti @ 04/04/2002 11:37 PM PST

lol! i love the little penpen in rei's christmas bag thing =DDD so cute! ^___^

Posted by dandan @ 04/04/2002 09:08 PM PST

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