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04/08/2002 Archived Entry: "Back to School... *sigh*"

Yesterday I went out driving with my dad. I'll be taking my license test soon, so he took me out to drive around the DMV to get the hang of things around there. When my sister tested for her license, my parents had followed the testing cars, so they know what they're going to do. Sneaky, aren't they? ^_^ He took me around and told me that we covered "90%" of what will be on the test. I feel confident.

I also helped my sister wash her car. That was kinda fun. I don't get to wash cars often, but it's alright when you have someone or someones interesting to wash with. Her spiffy 2001 Camry is all clean now. It's a nice car, but it seems a bit too... I don't know... old for her. I mean, a Camry just screams 40 year old or something, doesn't it? She's only 20. She needs a "younger" car, but she's fine with what she has. Well... whatever floats her boat....

Today was the first day of school following spring break. Gwar.... Well... all things considered, it wasn't all that bad.

Nothing all that unusual happened. Well... because of daylight savings, the bells were slightly off. I got an extra five minutes to my fifteen minute break. That was definately a plus.

I also got reminded of the multimedia contest that my school district is having. I don't know... I have four days to put something together if I want to enter. If I place though, I won't have to do a final project in my Comp. App. class. I'm not sure... I'll consider it. If I do anything though, it'll probably be a website. Which reminds me... I haven't played with frames in a while.... Oh! Something else I almost forgot: thanks everyone from the anime club who complimented my layout. Your words are much appreciated.

Nothing else that spectacular. Yep, boring day.

Well, to tell you the truth, I've never touched any booze. I don't really intend to either. Sorry, you'll have one less person to drink with at Fanime. Hope that's ok with you.

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new layout!!!
anyway XD XD XD
good luck on ur multimedia thing!!!
if i can get 100 bucks scholar ship then u can definatly win!!!!
anyway.. music video!!! remember i'm always there to help!!!

Posted by cinti @ 04/08/2002 06:53 PM PST

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