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04/08/2002 Archived Entry: "Version 5"

Just Wingin' It is now in version 5

Last layout was way too generic. It's only been up for a week, but now it's gone.

This layout is something that I think came out rather well. Yah, I know, I use images of Ruri-chan too often, but what can I say? She's great. ^_^

This layout is a lot different from my previous layouts. I decided to try to make something more unique, something with a style all my own. I'm not too sure how I did, but there are some things I did that I've never seen in a layout before. I think that is a good thing. I've decided to use a whole lot more filters. I love the Photoshop filters, so I'm going to make extensive use of them from here on.

This layout is definately a start on developing my own style. I want to be unique. Wish me luck folks.

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*wishes luck*

Posted by cinti @ 04/09/2002 12:25 PM PST

Nice job! ^^;; BYe *^.^*

Posted by LovelyAngel @ 04/09/2002 08:05 AM PST

Hey this layout looks better than Sakura Wars one u had last week. ^^;; For some reaosn I want a blog now

Posted by hananikko @ 04/09/2002 02:05 AM PST

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