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04/09/2002 Archived Entry: "Various Banterings"

Today in government, we were talking about the executive branch. We came across a question that I always wondered: why do people think that military leaders would make good presidents? Look at Grant. He was one of the single worst presidents and yet he served two terms. Why? Because he was a good military leader? That doesn't mean that he'd make a good president. And yet, after the Korean war, people actually wanted MacArthur to become president. As I always like to say, people are stupid.

In physics, people were talking about FFX. I didn't actively join the conversation, but I did jump in when it was mentioned that every guy thinks that Rikku is hot. I didn't really notice this, as I don't join in on FFX discussions, but I suppose that's right. There are many guys who think that Rikku is hot. Personally, I haven't played the game, but I like her because I think she's cute. I suppose my tastes are different from most guys... actually, I'm sure I'm different from most guys, but I prefer cute girls to "hot" girls. Just a personal preference.

I've decided not to enter that multimedia contest taking place in my school district. I'm sure I could place easily, after looking at the winning entries from years past, but I don't want to rush a site like that. I need time to put together a site. I need to make it something that I can at least be proud of. I don't care if it can place. If I don't feel satisfied with it, I can't be happy. Call it integrity if you will.

Dang, one of them military recruitment guys just called me. This one was for the army. A navy guy called me a couple of days ago. They're all trying to convince me to join the military, just because I'm turning eighteen and graduating soon. Hah! Me in the military? I laugh at the idea. I'm not cut out for the military. I think the navy's really cool, but I would never join it. I'll root them on though. ^_^

Found an interesting SelectSmart test. Medieval Weaponry and You. Apparently my ideal medieval weapon is a cutlass. I suppose that's probably right. I personally like small, one-handed swords that slash, as that's the type of weapon I have the most training using. I can wield a katana or bo though.

Social Loggin':

Yah, I am a freak aren't I? ^_^ So many logs... and yet... so few male loggers. Let alone guys above the ages of 14 or 15. Anyway, believe it or not, I've actually been visiting your log occasionally. It's very nice. I love the Suu layout. Nice editing and I can't forget to mention that she's really cute. ^_^

Thanks for linking me. I never expected that. Actually, I visit your log occasionally too. Quite nice. You do good work. Good luck becoming a mangaka or seiyuu. ^_^

Gwar! You've seen Chobits? I want to see it! *Searches for it in Direct Connect*

Nice new layout! Personally I liked the last one better, but this isn't bad at all. You're right, it is way too light. It really doesn't seem like a PB layout at all.

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You in the navy? Heh heh, just think how dad would be proud if I joined in. Anyway, I agree cuz the Navy rocks!! Proud of my daddy!

Posted by hananikko @ 04/10/2002 01:27 AM PST

whoa.. new layout already =O ish nice XD.

hmm cute girls and hot girls.. yeah there ish a difference. I think ppl's opinions on what's hot and cute are all different. so yeah=P ish cool tho to prefer cute over hot. or the other way around. ish just what ya prefer.. er ya

what chu want for your bday?=P

Posted by T-Chan @ 04/10/2002 12:05 AM PST

so u not doing the contest..
that's ok ^^;;;
*puts luck i wished back inside bag*
it's a sin to look at other girls *cover eyes* (not really.. but i'm not exactly looking)

Posted by Cinti @ 04/09/2002 11:35 PM PST

meow...hey i prefer cute girls over hot girls any day but that's just me ^^

Posted by Satayamon @ 04/09/2002 11:01 PM PST

Wow, ^^ I like the new domain~ Anyways, changed links. =D And I like the new layout. You go through layouts fast ^^;; And yeah, though there are few male loggers, I do know a few that are 16 and up. So don't think you're a freak! ((Couldn't help but read your note to my reflection))

And I agree with you... there are people who are stupid... hehe Be back later to read more~

After I watch Kanon 7. I didn't know you like that too! =D Gotta say, you're one cool guy. Keep it up.

Posted by Hikari (the other one)..or Saga @ 04/09/2002 10:44 PM PST

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