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04/11/2002 Archived Entry: "I'm Eighteen..."

It's my eighteenth birthday today. Whoopdie freakin' doo. I know I should be excited or something.... I'm a legal adult now. I can buy loto tickets, vote, and legally buy most anything I could ever want. I don't know though... I don't feel special. This doesn't feel like such a special day. Sure, I've been getting birthday wishes throughout the day, but things are just the way they always are. How am I supposed to feel special when there's nothing special going on? Well... I'll be having a birthday gathering on Saturday. It's not a party par se. I'm just gathering people and hoping for the best. I hope that'll turn out well.

Eighteen eh? Well... at least now I can get a license without them stupid restrictions put upon them sixteen and seventeen year old drivers. I can also get a credit card without parental consent. That's nice too. I'll be able to buy stuff online and pay for my domain without harassing my sister for her card.

Something I find interesting is that now I can be considered a pedophile. ^_^ Yep, young girls are cute. I can't deny that. Now that I'm a legal adult, I can be technically considered a pedophile. Interesting eh? My first day as a pedophile....

Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday. At least I know people care. Although I wonder how many people wouldn't have remembered if not for this log.... Anyway, your wishes are much appreciated. Thanks Anna for the cake. Mmmmm... chocolate cake.... ^_^ Thanks Christine for the McDonalds. Yay! Food! ^_^ Thanks sister for the watch. Although it's kinda heavy, it looks nice. Thanks Cat for the nice bday card. Thanks for thinking about me. ^_^

Wow!!! Saga has made me a special birthday image thingy. It's Makoto! I like, I like. ^_^ I don't know what I did to deserve this, but thank you! Expect an e-mail sometime. ^_^

Something intersting in my Comp App class today. My teacher told us that one of our upcoming projects would be "making a website using frames." Oh yah! Nice.... I hope it's free choice. I want to make a site for my upcoming collective. Hopefully I can convince him to upgrade the browsers on them computers. They have Netscape 3 installed. That's just horrible. I can't do anything with that. I can't do some fancy CCS stuff, DHTML, and style tags. Besides, Netscape has a tendency to offset frames enough so that images spanning several frames look broken up. I need to get him to install the newest IE. That'll be nice.

More than one of my friends has been harassing me about my senior prom. They're telling me to go. I'll have a good time, they say. I don't know. I'm not sure if I'm in the mood to go to it. I don't have a date and things don't seem like they're going to look up. I might just decide to skip prom and spend all my money at Fanime. I'm seriously considering that now. I have very little for Fanime. I'll have at least $200 to spend there if I skip out on prom. It's certainly an option. Right now I kinda feel like buying more anime stuff as opposed to wasting my money on a really expensive dance I probably won't even have fun at. Eh....

Yay! Ayumi layout! ^_^ I really like Ayumi. She's so pretty. She is one of the few girls I'm attracted to because of beauty as opposed to cuteness. Nice job there. I like the pink. ^_^ Yes, you crack down on them peoples who're just using your log for the links.

'Tis all. This is the now legal adult signing out.

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gah. your pedophile comment really scared me... i'm like, paranoid of pedophiles, cuz it always seems like there's pedophiles after me... *eyes dart around nervously*


18 is a good year to be (^_^)b

mmm, its senior prom, are you sure you wanna miss out? its a big "traditional" deal and all y'know? i'm skipping out on junior prom to go to fanime (its on the exact same day! RAR RAR RAR) but hey... its JUNIOR prom. i wouldn't miss out on the senior prom for the world... of course... i'm female =( geh.

yes get IE! NETSCAPE SUUUUUCKSSSSS.... ^^ thanks for the comment about my nu layout!

whoo! gotta go to school now! byebye!

Posted by dandan @ 04/12/2002 06:42 AM PST

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!::suprises u w/ a jell-o cheesecake:::^.^

Posted by hananikko @ 04/11/2002 10:15 PM PST

er.. hai^^''


Posted by T-Chan @ 04/11/2002 09:19 PM PST

LOL PEDOFILE! WOOT WOOT you go get them jail bait!

Posted by Cinti @ 04/11/2002 07:21 PM PST

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