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04/12/2002 Archived Entry: "Social Loggin'"

Nothing worth mentioning today. Although I gotta say a few things to a few peoples, so here's some social loggin':

Thanks for the "happy birthday." Alright... I'll let you pinch me 18 times when you see me.... Have fun over spring break. Hopefully we'll be able to do something, ok?

Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. For you information, I do read your log. ^_^

Thanks for the birthday wish! ^_^ I understand that you couldn't do it yesterday, so it's OK. At least you remembered and cared to say something. Also, nice new layout. I'm not used to not seeing your wonderful art, but it's still great.

Yah, I'm really thinking that I will skip out on the prom. I'm really not in the mood these days to go to some fancy smansy dance. Besides, I found out today that the bids are going to be $110 a piece. Gwar! I expected something along those lines, but I guess it really didn't register until they actually announced it. I'd rather spend that money on some rare art books or a garage kit. I really want a Nakoruru garage kit. ^_^

Yay! Drunk logging returns! ^_^ I gotta tell you, I find your drunk babbling really fun to read. Although this time it was a heck of a lot easier to read compared to some of your other entries. I guess you just weren't drunk enough, eh? ^_^

So my log looks different from them other logs? That's a good thing to hear. I'm trying to look different. I guess that's why I'm link worthy, eh? ^_^ Thanks for linking me. And thanks for wishing me a happy birthday and encouraging others to do so too.

Well thanks for linking me. I really appreciate it. You're another male logger, eh? We have to band together, don't we? ^_^

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aw yay^__^ hope you had a fun party=D .. sorry i didn't make it=( i had no transportation at the last minute.. argh-_-;

Posted by T-Chan @ 04/13/2002 10:12 PM PST

O_O wow, $110?! Then again, when my brother went last year I think it was... around there. So expensive!! I wonder if going to prom is even worth it. For me... definitely artbooks!! Or, more cds... mmm... artbooks. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll dread going to school next week for grades on those, but! ^^;; for the weekend I won't think about it!

Posted by Saga @ 04/13/2002 12:22 AM PST

Yesh! I found your blog interesting and your layout awesome, so I just *had* to link you. [nods] Us boy loggers shall band together! There's way more girls on the net...anyway. I shouldn't say more lest my internet girls kick my ass. [high five?]

Posted by Than @ 04/13/2002 12:15 AM PST

darn.. not much to say this time ^^;;
hope 2marrow shall be a fun day for you ^_^

Posted by Cinti @ 04/12/2002 11:21 PM PST

hey david, how was the thing today? i mean i'm sorry i couldn't stay, i went out with tina ^^ well sorry i couldn't help you guys clean up like I usually do. well that's all i'm just going to sit here and eat my PORK BUN XD~~

Posted by Satayamon @ 04/12/2002 10:48 PM PST

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