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04/13/2002 Archived Entry: "Birthday Party"

Today I had peoples come over for a birthday party. OK, so it wasn't so much a party as a big get-together, but it was rather fun. Thanks everyone who attended, especially Dez. I know you went out of your way to make it over and I appreciate it.

We had fun playing the game "Martian Numbers." It's a game where we have various objects (in our case, pens) and we arrange them to make a "number." From there, the peoples have to guess what number it is. There is a trick, but I don't want to say it. It'd ruin the fun of the game. ^_^ Anyway, we had fun tricking people because they couldn't get it. It was so fun. Especially with Anthony. Dang, that was funny. ^_^ We also played tons of Smash Bros. That's such a great party game. Darn you Sataya! We'll play again. I need to redeem my Zelda.

Onto presents... thanks Carolyn for the Golfland tokens. I'll put them to good use, although it might take a while to spend them all.... Thanks Jeff for the shitajiki. They are quite nice. Thanks Hava and Shelly for the shirt and green sparkly wig. It (by "it" I mean the shirt) looks pretty cool. Thanks Sataya for the pens, chick beanie and tissues. I'll say this about it: it's quite an interesting present. Thanks Julie for the pens. They're spiffy. Thanks parents for the $100. Thanks uncle for the $50. Thanks aunt for the $50. Thanks other uncle for the $20. And saving the best for last: thanks Dez for the Ryori poster (note: a wee bit was clipped off around the sides). For you peoples who don't know, Ryori is my character in an RPG thing. Thanks Liezl for the spiffy Nakoruru image. You definately know how to feed a boy's unnatural obsession with a video game girl. Although I may say lots o' girls are cute, Nakoruru is my gal. ^_^ Plug plug: visit her site.

It was a fun day. Everyone's gone home now. I'm kinda tired and it's hot. Gwar....

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grr i had to leave befor i got any 1 on 1 action ;-;
anyway david...
sataya bought your gift with MY money... ^^;;;
MARTIAN NUMBERS was FUN... to bad... i have more party games up in my head... hee hee hee.. and if we do something w/ xox we can make fun of them because they don't know it XD
ha ha ha ok that's it later =b
ed says sorry for not going...
he also said he should have went.
ok later

Posted by cinti @ 04/14/2002 06:54 PM PST

YESSS!~!!!~!!!~!!! FEEL THE RATHER OF 1/2 OF THE FIRE EMBLEM!!! but you must know by now i have given up playing super smash bros melee and retired as champion because i never get to play that game...

Posted by Satayamon @ 04/14/2002 04:06 PM PST

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