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04/15/2002 Archived Entry: "Kanon!!!"

Oh wow... I just finished watching Kanon episode 9 and 10. Let me just say that they were brilliant episodes, which induce a fair amount of crying. I particularily liked them because they focused on probably my two favorite girls: Makoto and Shiori. Episode 10--the one about Makoto--just came out of nowhere. I never would have expected that. Wow... that's some wonderful writing. I thought I wanted to play the game before, but now I know that that was nothing compared to how much I want to now. I can't tell you how much I'm loving the anime, but I know the game is just bound to be better. I don't care if I can't read it. I'll play it and I'll like it. I want it now!!! I want more Makoto!!!

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You'll absolutely love the game; I've had it for the longest time on my computer and I still play it. ^_^ If you think the Kanon anime is great, the game will blow you away! And if you think Kanon is the greatest, wait till you get your hands on Air. *___* Now there's yer money! XD

Posted by Saka chan @ 04/15/2002 07:30 PM PST

*gasp* you got to watch those eps already! ^^ I have them, but haven't watched them. Now I want to watch them, but grrr homework!! -_-;; Anyways, wow, they focused on Makoto and Shiori? Yay!! *notes down tear warning* ^^; At least, I won't be so surprised from it, hopefully. *hurries up to finish her homework*

Posted by Saga @ 04/15/2002 06:00 PM PST

at tutoring XD they messed up on a lotof thing it looks soo weird..i was looking on national console support and i saw the kanon game for ps2 XD~ i just might get that

Posted by satayamon @ 04/15/2002 03:21 PM PST

must get me in on this action

Posted by Cinti @ 04/15/2002 12:17 PM PST

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