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04/15/2002 Archived Entry: "Blah"

Blah... school...

Today, amazingly, I was actually productive in my physic class. My teacher occasionally just gives us a working period for us to do finish any homework we didn't already finish. Usually I take these periods to slack off, but amazingly, today I actually spent most of my time working. I finished a good deal of my homework that I hadn't done during this past week. My teacher always collects homework the day of a quiz or test. Because of this, I skip out on doing my homework way too often. I'm too darn lazy. But I feel proud of myself today. I did my work.

After school I went to work on Insane Ink work. We were screening an order for the girls swim team. Not bad. Couldn't stay too long, but I was there.

I made it a point to watch Kanon 10 again today. Dang, that episode is so good. I'm trying to download episode 11 as I type, but I'm not sure if I'm going to get it anytime soon. Darn slow uploaders.... I'm getting 2.72 K per second and it seems that it'll take another 14:43:45 hours to finish. Gwar.... As if my last post wasn't a good enough indication, Kanon is my current obsession. I'm hoping to get the game and/or merchandise at Fanime. When I say the game, I mean the Dreamcast version. I have no desire to get the PS2 version unless I really have to; unless I absolutely cannot get the DC version. Yep, as I've mentioned before, I hate the PS2 with a burning red passion. Anyway... I digress... I'm hoping to get Kanon, but I'm not sure if I'll get something else instead. If anything, I'll get one game at Fanime. I need to save my money to buy other things like art books. I might just get the DC port of the Nakoruru game instead. I've heard plenty of praise for Kanon, but I've heard nothing about the Nako game. I don't know how good it is, but I can't just pass up a Nako game, can I? ^_^ We'll see....

My sister is really into the Lord of the Rings right now. I don't know why. The movie didn't really strike me when I saw it. I don't have the desire to read the books either. Although, granted I never read books for leisure. Anyway, I just don't see why so many people like this "Lord of the Rings" stuff so much. I guess it just doesn't tickle my fancy.... I'll just stick with my anime thank you very much.

I've pretty much decided that I'll skip out on my senior prom. I'm really not in the mood to go. It's not that I don't have a date. Far from it. Even if I had a date, I probably wouldn't be excited about going. There's just nothing going on in my love life right now. Things are boring and stagnant. Going to a big expensive dance with someone I don't like would be a waste of both of my time and money. That $110 for bids would cover a darn nice garage kit. I'm certain a nice garage kit would bring me tons more enjoyment than going to my prom, especially if it's one of Nako. ^_^ Then all that other money I would be saving on a tux, meals, etc. would also buy me some nice art books. The only thing that ever seems to bring me happiness these days seems to be anime. I really don't have a problem with that either. At least something makes me happy. I'm glad to have my anime.

Air, eh? Actually, I've been looking into that. I've heard from more than one person (you included) that it's better than Kanon. Hm... it's worth a look into. I just really want Kanon right now. I want more Makoto. ^_^

Saka & Zank:
Congradulations on starting the new Who Wants a Good Cup of Insomnia? clique. It's a good idea for a clique. I'll probably join sometime soon.

I'm too lazy to do more social logging today. Maybe tomorrow.

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a flame war is it!?!? nah, well really i find the comment system on greymatter to be confusing, i like the javascript window with uigui that i use.. its okay tho, just complaining about it... e-body says they want to see updates, and they dont even encourage them after you do... kinda sad... bout the ccs stuff... i''d be happy. only problem... i dont have an FTP site or anything that i could use, i asked my dad about using the server in house, but the upload is way too slow , however it could be done... cause its *nix so there is the whole CGI posibility, okay long coment, most of that should have been in my blog

Posted by moo @ 04/16/2002 10:05 PM PST

hoy, that's pretty cool, stupid ragnarok servers went down i went to check out some logs and what not. i will get you the armor you want..what armor did you want ^^;; anyway i'll get it! then i'll save some more money and get you that sword mace@!

Posted by satayamon @ 04/15/2002 10:37 PM PST

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