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04/17/2002 Archived Entry: "Accelerating Car...?"

Today I had a test in stat. Not really all that bad. I'm pretty darn confident I aced this one. Woo. In physics we're getting ready for the AP exams and the physicsbowl. My sadistic teacher gave us tons of problems to do. We have four packets and there are 70 part I (multiple choice) questions and 65 part II (free response) questions. *sigh* They aren't due anytime soon, but it's just kinda daunting. We took a practice physicsbowl exam in class today. It wasn't really all that bad. My favorite question is as follows:

39. The driver of an automabile must carefully control each of the following devices. Which of these devices can cause an acceleration in a moving car?
1) the break pedal
2) the gas pedal
3) the steering wheel

[A] only number 1
[B] only number 2
[C] only number 3
[D] only numbers 1 and 2
[E] numbers 1, 2, and 3

Now when I read this question, I was just amazed. I hung my mouth open and I kinda dangled my arms downward as I suspended my body over my desk. I thought, "what the heck is this!? Obviously the gas pedal causes an acceleration in a moving car!" Now I suppose that would be everyone's reaction, but after thinking about it, this is a good question. Obviously the gas pedal causes an acceleration, but many forget that using the break pedal to slow down is inducing a negative acceleration. You might also take into consideration the fact that acceleration is a vector. Because of this, changing directions would change the acceleration. I'm not exactly sure what they want, but I answered E, although it might just be D....

Sataya bought me a Saint Robe!!! Yay! ^_^ I'm going on RO later to get it from him. Now finally my acolyte will have some worthwhile equipment. RO's worth playing again! All I need now is a swordmace...

After a few days of suffering, I'm finally getting Kanon 11. I'm downloading it right now. It'll take another two and a half hours. Not bad. But now that I'm getting Kanon, I find out that Ishin has finished Sister Princess! I need to get episodes 25 & 26! Gwar...

Actually, she isn't going this year. Besides, she doesn't drink either. I guess you'll just have to compensate by inviting more random people, eh? ^_^ Hey, good luck with the working, man. I can tell it's rough on you. Hope you can solve your financial problems.

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Posted by cinti @ 04/17/2002 11:02 PM PST

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