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04/18/2002 Archived Entry: "HAHAHA Unlimited Bandwith..."

Right now I should be writing a report for my history class. My teacher gave us the assignment to write down seven qualities you think would make a good president. Using those qualities, choose a president and write about him. Since I'm so darn lazy, I'm just going with Clinton. Hey, contrary to what seems like popular belief, Clinton was a good president. The economy prospered and foreign relations improved during his term (among other things). Although he doesn't seem to have much support. It's quite sad when I do a search on Yahoo and get plenty of sites just criticizing him. Why? Because he had an affair? Big freakin' deal! I don't care what he does in his spare time. As long as he does good for the country, he's a good guy to me. Maybe not the ideal role model, but he did his job and he did it well. I can't ask for more than that.

Today I found out my classmate has a domain that's hosted by Domainsvision. Hah! Unlimited Bandwith... HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ah... that's good. As anyone who has ever looked for a host knows, you don't go with any host that offers unlimited anything. Why? Because people will abuse the priviledge. They will kill the machines. And because you're sharing machines with these people, you better be prepared for lots of downtime. I'm fine. I'm happy with Aletia. I experienced downtime before, but that was when I was on Kiwi and they fixed the problems on that machine long ago. Now I'm on Chick and I haven't experienced any problems yet. Go Aletia!

I'm iching to get started on my website project for Comp App. I'm really, really hoping that it'll be free choice on topic. I want to get something done for my upcoming collective. Wow... I haven't published a website in years.... Sure, I have this log, but I haven't published a full website in maybe four or five years. Yep, I'm excited about this project. Although I'm not sure how good my site will look on the school computers. They are running Netscape 4.7. Why? Everyone knows Internet Explorer is tons better than Netscape. I tried to get my teacher to get IE on the computers, but he doesn't think he can. He has to go through the school tech guy to get things like that approved. Problem is, the tech guy hates IE. I don't know what's his problem, but because of him, all the computers at school have only Netscape on them. That is just wrong. Well... my teacher said that it might be possible to get the newest Netscape (what is it now? 6?), but he doubts that we'll get IE. Gwar!

I got Kanon 11! Oh wow... oh wow.... When you thought that it couldn't get better, it does. I gotta hand it to Key. They fabricated an amazing story. It's both so touching and painful at the same time. Geez... why did they have to end the episode where they did!? I'm left hanging here. I want to know what happens!

Dang, won't my friends ever stop? They are still trying to get me to go to the prom. I'm just about certain that I'm not going to prom. I guess if I had someone to go with, then I would spend a little time to consider, but I'm still pretty sure that I'm not going. I'm honestly thinking that I would have more fun staying home and watching anime. Maybe I'll watch Kanon again. ^_^

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is it ok if the sexy/sxy crew came over to your house on saturday?
ja ja

Posted by cinti @ 04/18/2002 10:47 PM PST

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