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04/23/2002 Archived Entry: "Adventure Behind My Parents' Backs #1"

Here in the lovely state of California, we have something called "STAR testing." It just so happened that these "STAR tests" began today. ^_^ Seriously though, it's one of those state wide standardized testing things. I would be in dread, if it weren't for the fact that I'm a senior. You know what that means? I don't have to take them. ^_^ Yep, seniors are exempt from taking the tests. Unfortunately, we still have to get to school at the normal time. Oh well. Plenty of people complain, but I'm fine with it. Even if we did get to stay home, I'd be up anyway. I just go to school, borrow Sataya's laptop, and watch Noir. ^_^ I've been meaning to watch that series again. It's so great.

One definate plus about these tests is that we get to go home at 2:30. Yep, a whole half hour earlier than usual. It's not much, but it's something. Today, I took the extra time and went out on my first "adventure behind my parents' backs." ^_^ Yep, now that I have a license, I can go out without my parents knowing. Today it was a rather tame trip to Fry's Electronics. Well... Sataya had $45 credit and wanted head phones, Jeff wanted to scout out computer parts for a new computer, I had $60 of credit to spend, and Vincent just wanted to tag along. What did I end up getting? I spent my credit on some new anime DVDs. ^_^ I got the first three Princess Nine DVDs and the first Golden Boy DVD. Oh yah. I hope I can find time to watch those soon.

Tomorrow is another STAR test day. I wonder what we'll decide to do.... We have time and I have a car. The possibilities.... ^_^

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Posted by Cinti @ 04/23/2002 11:01 PM PST

You were laughing behind me back again I bet nweh....- -;
Anyway, fanime fanime fanime!!
Can't wait! Stoopid STAR testing ><;;

Posted by hananikko @ 04/23/2002 10:05 PM PST

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