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04/24/2002 Archived Entry: "Adventure Behind My Parents' Backs #2"

Day 2 of STAR testing

Today we seniors were herded into the gym to listen to a bunch of stuff about graduation and to get our caps and gowns. After that, we were "treated" to a lecture on safety by some officer. Joy. That was a complete waste of three hours. I would have rather stayed in my second period and watched more Noir. I was expecting to watch another six episodes today. I watched none. =(

Afterward, classes progressed. I didn't mention it yesterday, but we're on a block schedule. Yesterday we went to the first three periods and today we went to the last three. In physic (physic AP, which occupies my fifth and sixth periods), we took the Physicsbowl. Whoopdie doo. It was just another boring physic test. I'm tired of them things. I wasn't even given a real answer sheet! There were several students chosen to actually participate, while everyone else just took it on a sheet of paper for participation points in the class. Another complete waste of my time.

At least after school was pretty nice. Today I went on the "adventure behind my parents' backs #2." Today was a delightful visit to San Jose Japan Town. Accompanying me was Vincent, Sataya, Shelly, and Anthony. It was some good fun. First we took a look at Nikaku. Shelly and Anthony hadn't been there yet. I had to take them to the premire anime store in the city, possibly even the county or maybe even northern California. At Nikaku I got Love Hina tankouban 12. Yay! I love volume 12. Most probably my favorite. Why? Because Kanako's so cute in it, that's why. ^_^ Kanako is quite possibly my favorite of the LH girls. Naru's way up there too, but right now I prefer Kanako because she was so much cuter than Naru for the last couple volumes. ^_^ After Nikaku, we went to Nichi Bei Bussan. Back in the day when I used to take Aikido, I used to go there to buy belts. It's a nice place with plenty of Japanese things. Sataya was really happy because he got a nice book on the game Igo. You know, that game with the white and black stones... where you place them at the intersections of a grid...? Yah, that game. He's really into it after reading Hikaru no Go at Toriyama World. After that, we went to Far Out Toys. It's a small anime store that has some good stuff sometimes, but nothing good today. Finally, we went to one of the markets (don't remember which one). Vincent was happy because he found a peach drink. I was happy because I actually got some Morinaga caramels. MORINAGA CARAMELS!!! Dang, I haven't had them things in what? Six, seven years? Them things are great. As far as I'm concerned, the Europeans make killer chocolate, but the Japanese make the killer caramels. I love Morinaga caramels. I got two packs. I'm happy. ^_^

Yep, not a bad day indeed. School was rather crappy, but our little trip to Japan Town made my day. Now excuse me as I eat some caramels. ^_^

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Posted by CINTI @ 04/25/2002 08:20 AM PST

whee... >_x;; Star Testing. ^^;; I'm like the only excused person at my school my age that doesn't have to do it! Though I ended up staying in Calculus room learning how to do certain problems ._. School will almost always not be that good as far as I know...

Sounds like you had lots of fun in japan town!! I haven't been back to San Jose in ages. Last time I went was when I was... in second grade. [eh, 7 years old I think]. That was... like 7 years ago. And I also agree with you on chocolates and caramels. Morinaga caramels are so yummy!! I had them last... in August. Now Tsu-kun has made me have a craving for them. ^^;

Posted by Saga @ 04/24/2002 11:21 PM PST

Wow!! I wish I can drive. - -;
I've never been to Nikaku, but I 've heard of it. I was wondering if they have any DNAngel stuff there I can dig through ^^; Nweh, anyway now thaty u have a car, u can come on over for some skillet sometime. =P

Posted by hananikko @ 04/24/2002 10:46 PM PST

^^;; IGO!!!!! XD!~~~ i'm slowly getting it..this book helps a lot and i can play on yahoo people can help on that too, they were talking about eyes and i was what!?!? then i read the book and ohh... yeah school sucks i have to take these stupid tests.. and yeah..we seems to take a lot of those adventures behind your parents back ^^;;

Posted by satayamon @ 04/24/2002 10:44 PM PST

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