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04/25/2002 Archived Entry: "Adventure Behind My Parents' Backs #3"

STAR testing day 3.

Today we didn't have to do anything senior specific, so we had free free time again. I borrowed Sataya's laptop again. I watched four episodes of Noir. Good, good series. Chloe just showed up. She's so cool. More stylish than either Mireille or Kirika. Although she's not quite as cute as Kirika. ^_^ Anyway, I would have watched more, but I decided to play around in Photoshop for a while. Working on developing new things. I got some things down. I hope I can incorporate them into the next layout.

Classes today were rather mundane. I had my first three periods: english, stat, and government. In english we went over poetry. We're learning all about Romantic, Victorian, etc. poetry right now. Bah... I'm not a big fan of poetry. At least not after studying it. It just ruins things when you over analyze poetry. My opinion.

In stat we had some free time to study for AP exams or work on projects. I'm helped my project partner on one of two activities we have to do. We had to place twenty pennies on their sides on a table, hit the table, then note how many heads and tails. Do you know how annoying it is to make pennies stand on their side? I forgot it was so hard. We gave up and did ten and then multiplied everything by two. ^_^ Works for us.

In government we went over stuff for a senate simulation thing we're going to do next week. We went over some stuff about how the senate works. Each student will be assigned to a political party, write a bill, and try to get it through our simulation senate. Today it was all rather boring. Rather, I looked at my Love Hina 12 a lot. ^_^

Adventure Behind My Parents' Backs #3:
Today's adventure was to Milpitas Golf Land or MGL, as we all like to say. Accompanying me today was Vincent, Shelly, and Edward. I played some DDR 4th Plus, which is in my opinion, still the best one. Petit Love is great. ^_^ I played some Guitar Freaks 6th linked with Drummania 5th. Vincent took the lead guitar, I took bass, and Edward was on drums. Fun fun. I'm not that good, so we didn't play any bonus stage. =( Oh well. We had some fun. I tried to play Tekken 4. I so can't play that game. It's so strange. I'm so used to Soul Calibur, Tekken feels wrong. I also got to play some guy in CvS2. He wasn't bad. He beat me. Although I didn't lose horribly, so I guess I'm not bad myself. ^_^ After that, we went to Tapioca Express. Edward really wanted some milk pearl tea. I got to try out some of their spicy chicken and squid. That stuff tastes pretty darn good. Although, it was level 2, so it was kinda weak. I want to try some of that level 5. Spicy food is meant to be spicy darnit! ^_^

Yep, thus was my day. Now I'm really looking forward to Fanime, which will begin tomorrow. Actually, right now they should be passing out prereg badges at the hotel. I can't go today to pick mine up, but I'll get it tomorrow. I better get a cute girl on my badge this year! I've been going for three years and not once have I gotten a cute girl on my badge! At '99 I got some mecha from Giant Robo, at '00 I got Spike and Vicious, and at '01 I got Wing Zero. I've been gyped I tell you! GYPED!!!

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lol... ^^; I don't like poetry much either. x_x;; In my AP english class we went over poetry eras, and my teacher is weird.. >_x;; She made me do this project analysis of Lord Byron! Seniors got to pick... and I'm not in class everyday. I have a really funky school schedule. But being the person that's not there for one class each week, and being the youngest, I not only didn't get to pick, I hadn't a clue we had a project -_-;; Right now I have to stay after and during lunches to do practice AP lit exams with her. ;_; they look hard. I like the language ones better... [this year I'm taking both. Erm, if anything I'm ... a weird girl.] ^^;

ooh, Fanime's going to start!! XD Tsu-kun -- pictures pictures! That is, if you can. Of course you will share your experiences right...? =) I'll be going to Anime Expo in Long Beach in July. (can't wait).

Tapioca iced tea is yummy, just like spicy food. I didn't know Tsu-kun liked spicy foods -- go us! and other spicy-food lovers. ^^

Wow... long comment I have... *sweatdrop*

Posted by Saga @ 04/25/2002 11:50 PM PST

*pat pat*
MGL fun =)

Posted by cinti @ 04/25/2002 11:06 PM PST

I WANTED TO GO WITH YOU!!! XD~~ not fair, i had to go get my legs... ...
the pain is overrated so yeah it didn't hurt that bad maybe because i don't i have "man"hair like i'm suppose to have,

Posted by satayamon @ 04/25/2002 09:45 PM PST

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