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04/28/2002 Archived Entry: "Fanime Day 2 & 3"

Fanime Day 2: Saturday

Saturday is always the best day of Fanime and this year was no different. Unlike every other year, I was actually really busy on Saturday. Panels and the masquerade took up most of the day.

I arrived at 12:00 because my parents were being really annoying and not letting me go any earlier. Bah. Oh well... anyway, I got there and headed straight to the dealers room. I had only so much time to shop before I had to catch some panels. Thirty minutes to be exact. I had to go to the garage kit panel.

12:30-1:30: Garage Kit Panel
Quite informative. I've always wanted to start assembling garage kits, but I really had no idea how to start. I went to this panel to find out. They discussed things such as assembling, painting, finishing, etc. It was a lot to take in all at once, but I think I got the idea of things. I'm still kinda scared to start on a kit all by myself though. I need to find someone experienced to walk me through my first kit.

After the panel, I went up to the room we were in the night before along with Vincent, Tina, and Edward. June and Kenny (?) were there. We hung out for a while. Although I didn't stay long because at 2 was the Sakura Taisen panel.

2:00-3:00: Sakura Taisen Panel
Wow! They actually had a panel on my favorite video game series. I couldn't believe it. At the panel, they covered the series in general. Things like the games, the anime series, the card game, etc. They showed the openings to all the various games and anime, and they discussed the future of the franchise. Although I knew everything already, I had fun. It's always fun to be around other Sakura Taisen fans. I was surprised (and kinda happy) that there was another big Kohran fan there. Yay! Kohran is great. She doesn't have a big enough following.

That left me with a whole hour to kill before Danny's panel. I couldn't miss that, could I? ^_^ I went back to the dealers room. Spent some time and money there and then headed out to the panel at about 15 til.

4:00-5:30: Web Design Panel
I finally met Danny. Yep. Very fun and interesting guy *suck up, suck up*. ^_^ Nah, I mean it. He went over his theories on web design and showed us some spiffy stuff on PSP. Danny, I found that quite informative. I learned some "trade secrets." ^_^ MUHUHAHA!!! Don't worry though, I won't use that stuff. It's your style. I just wanted to know how you did it. Just for the sake of knowing. We actually assembled a layout there. It wasn't exactly as impressive as some of his other stuff though. Danny said it was crap. Because he thought it was crap, he showed us a new layout he just made. Haha! I saw his new layout. ^_^ It's pretty darn impressive. Quite different too. Danny, I give you a thumbs up. Overall, it was rather informative. Well... not the theory portion because it's all covered in At a Glace, but the PSP portion was somewhat informative. I learned a few things. Thanks Danny.

After that, I went back to the dealers room. There I met up with everyone else. They were holding up a sign that said "will buy masquerade tickets." ^_^ None of us had any tickets, so we went around with that and got tickets for everyone for only $15 a piece. Heh heh. Who needs to line up in the morning? ^_^ With tickets in hand, we went to line up for the masquerade.

The masquerade didn't actually get underway until 8:00 or so (it was supposed to begin at 7:00). That's because they were doing a simulcast of the thing in one of the screening rooms. It's for them peoples who didn't get tickets. Anyway, it was a great. I love hanging out with a ton of anime fans at a convention. There is like no inhibition. It's great! ^_^ Everyone cheers for no good reason and we all get the "inside" anime jokes. It's great. The masquerade itself was great, as usual. I enjoyed the SEELE boxes. ^_^ HAHAHAHA! They did the Yatta! dance!!! HAHAHAHA!!! That was classic! Watching boxes with arms and legs jumping up and down. ^_^ There were also occasional breaks for music videos. Good stuff.

At 11:15, although they were handing out awards, I had to leave cause that's when my mom came to pick me up. I went out front and went home.

Merchandise for the day:
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2 poster: I think it's the ad for the second movie. That's as far as I can tell. I got it because it's really pretty. ^_^
Groundwork of Evangelion #1 signed & Groundwork of Mahoromatic #1 signed: I attacked the Gainax booth on Saturday. ^_^ I had to get at least one signed book. I got the GWoE signed by Hideaki Anno (director) and the GWoM signed by Takamura Kazuhiro (character designer) and Yamaga Hiroyuki (director, producer, and writer). I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get signed books, especially since one of them is signed by Anno. ^_^
Mahoromatic Calendar & Shitajiki: I had to get some other stuff at the Gainax booth because these were things that aren't easily bought.
Free Gainax Stuff: with each purchase at the Gainax booth, you could get one of two free gifts. One was an Eva bandana thingy and the other was a cell phone strap with the head of Sachiel, the third angel. I bought from them three times, so I got two bandanas and one cell phone strap.
Mari Iijima's Right Now signed: I had to get it when I saw it. It's Mari for crying out loud! ^_^

Fanime Day 3: Sunday

I couldn't go today stupid parents... *grumble grumble* Oh well... I guess there really isn't much to do on Sunday anyway. I stayed home and watched Princess Nine. Not a bad series. ADV should release things quicker. Gwar! Just watch, it'll be a good year before they complete the series.

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It's now Monday and you haven't blogged yet. [taps foot] >^^;; I just wanna see if you're still alive. o_O

Posted by Than @ 04/29/2002 07:35 PM PST

well i didn't go on on friday or sunday stpid parents next year i'm staying all three days for sure no questions asked!

Posted by satayamon @ 04/29/2002 04:59 PM PST

sunday... = nothing really...
there was a CG pannel but i missed it ^^'
nothing really
last min discounts at the dealers room...
last few hours we freinds...
and u know that's always a good thing
then.. movies at the hong kong cinima for me ^^
'para para sakura' was in kantonese (sp?) and was a romantic comedy.. and funny as heck XD
that was fun..
Closeing ceremony SUCKED LIKE A MO FO ^^;;;
that's about it later

Posted by Cinti @ 04/29/2002 12:36 PM PST

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