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04/30/2002 Archived Entry: "End of Kanon *sob*"

Nothing exciting in class. All my teachers are all trying to get everyone ready for the AP exams, so we're having review in the majority of my classes. Boring... all we do is do work from review packets that they gave us.

At least in Comp App we're doing something mildly interesting. We've finally started on the website project. Problem is, we weren't given the whole assignment yet. We were given an easy "create this basic site" kinda assignment. *grumble grumble* I want to start the real site. I asked my teacher if it will be free choice, but he said no, but I can argue with him. Yay! I'm so going to argue with him. ^_^

After school I took a quick little trip to Nikaku. Accompanying me were Sataya, Shelly, Edward, and Veronica. There I got Love Hina 11, 13, and 14. Now I have 11-14! ^_^ Yay! I have all the manga from Kanako's appearance to the end. Kanako's great. ^_^

When I got home I was supposed to meet everyone on RO, but I couldn't log on because I died and then I couldn't log back on. I guess it's because my save point is right outside Izude, so I suppose the Prontera server is down once again. Gwar! I should make my save point inside the city.

Because I couldn't log onto RO, I decided to watch Kanon 11 and 12. I just downloaded them last night. Wow... it gets better. Although the end wasn't nearly as moving as episodes 9-12, the series as a whole was great. It's so sad. I so need to buy the game.

You don't seem too jovial these days... I hope you feel better.... *pat pat*

You're on hiatus? Well... I suppose that's for the better if you are getting behind in school. I wish you luck.

New layout! Nice. ^_^ Just one thing though, your right aligned layouts always look wrong on my computer. I guess you're at 800x600 because at 1024x768, your layers are off. Remember, layers are only useful when you have left aligned layouts.

Forgot to say this before, but you went to Fanime!? Dang, if I had known, it would have been really nice to meet you. Well... if you're ever around San Jose, e-mail me or something. ^_^

It's your birthday!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^ Geez, getting older, eh? I hope you have a good birthday.

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Tsu-kun, you're so... fast... when it comes to watching Kanon!! ^^;; I wish I had as much time. and that weird things don't happen to me. Now I can't wait to watch it, but I can't until like the other Hikari (heehee, we call each other our reflections) have to study for APs... ;; I'd be the youngest one taking the most APs @ my school. *Sigh*

Posted by Saga @ 05/01/2002 09:26 PM PST

hmm RO downess >_<
i keep forgeting to tell u people
i finaly started to read one peace.. and it's great!
ha ha ha
ja ja

Posted by cinti @ 05/01/2002 12:27 PM PST

gah! thanks mucho tsubasa~! ^^ i'm tempted to blog again but... must... concentrate... on... studying... x_x wish APs would come later too. seems like i don't have enough time to cram... kukuku xD

Posted by hikari @ 04/30/2002 11:07 PM PST

thanks david ^^ its just some relationship problems that's all. everything'll work out eventually

Posted by dandan @ 04/30/2002 09:27 PM PST

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