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05/02/2002 Archived Entry: "I want ice cream!!!"

*Sigh* Yesterday was a tiring day.

School was boring as usual. Just more reviewing for APs. The interesting stuff happened after school.

As usual, I stayed around for an hour, just chatting with peoples. As it approached four, I headed out with Shelly, as I drive her home every day. We put our stuff into the back and piled into the car. I started the car. Oh wait... the car didn't start! Oh crap! This morning I had turned on my lights because it was kinda dark out and I forgot to turn them off! My battery was dead. Oh... that's just great.... I reacted just like most people: I paniced. What could I do? Well, first I had to make sure Shelly made it home, so I told her to go take the bus. I felt bad, but I couldn't keep her there too long. Her mom also doesn't want her to get home too late either. So she left. Alright... now time to tackle my problem.... I could call home! Oh wait... my dad would surely give me a big, drawn-out lecture. OK... I'll keep that in mind.... Hm... I could ask someone for a jump! Oh wait... I'm in a school parking lot. They're all a bunch of stupid teenagers. Che. Good luck finding someone who knew anything. Alright... I could call AAA! But... I just need a jump. That's no reason to call AAA.... As you can see, I was running out of options quickly. After a good ten minutes of thinking, I decided to call my parents. I would just have to endure whatever crap my dad gave me. I went to the tutoring room and borrowed Edward's phone. I called home. My dad said that he would come. Crap. Well... I supposed it was better than staying there. I went out to the car and waited. A few moments later, I saw my dad turning into the parking lot. He parked opposite of me. I got out of the car, totally expecting to be berated about my blunder. To my surprise, he just went right to business. He took out the jumper cables and even showed me how to jump a car. Woo! I learned something new! We got my car started and we both drove home. Earlier, he had told me to keep the car running for maybe fifteen minutes to charge the battery, so I did. As I sat there, he came up to my window. Oh, here's the lecture coming on.... But to my surprise, he just reminded me to keep it running for a few minutes. Finally when I turned off the car, he came up to me again. Ah... now it was coming. But this time, he just popped the hood and told me some stuff about the innards of the car. Hey, nice. He put some spare jumper cables into my car and then we went into the house. He finally told me to remember to make sure I turn out the lights when I turn them on, but that was all. I was so relieved. I wasn't in the mood for a lecture.

Then my cousin called me. He was coming over to do some video editing. Alright. The thing is, he had called me a few days before to ask whether I could help him. I said that I could and asked him when it was due. He said Thursday. Yes, Thursday. At the time it was Wednesday. How responsible of him, eh? He popped over with his other two group members. When they got here, I found out that they still had to film some stuff. Oh great.... I happen to have a park down the street from my house, so we went out there to film. I wasn't on film, but I helped. Behind the scenes kinda stuff. We finished filming at somewhere around eight. Now we brought it back and started editing. Well... I don't have much space left on my hard drive because I download a lot, so it was a drawn out, somewhat laggy process. At ten, my cousin and I told the other two to go home because it was getting late. We would finish the video. Two hours later, we put the finishing touches to the video. Stuff like background music. It was definately a rush job, so I couldn't do anything too spiffy. That's when we wanted to export it to the camcorder through my computer's 1394 port ("i.Link" as they call it). That's when Premiere said that it would take two hours to generate a preview before we could export it. Just great.... I told my cousin to go home and come back in the morning (he lives, what, a block away?). We decided on five, so he left. I went to sleep. At five, I got up and in a little while, my cousin came over. By then the preview definately finished. We exported to the camcorder. It didn't work. What's wrong!? I checked settings over and over. Everything seemed to be in order. What could be wrong? We just couldn't get it to work. In the end, we just encoded it as a DiVX and Indeo avi and hoped the teacher would take it. He thanked me for all the help and left.

Beause of that little endeavor, I didn't get to read a story I had to read for my english class. Oh well... I BSed on the reading quiz. I know I didn't do well, but it's alright. It's just a reading quiz.

That leads into today...

Government was interesting today. We found out our party assignments for our little Senate game. Earlier my teacher had said that there were thirteen Democrats, I think it was seven or eight Republicans, six Green partyers, and one Peace and Freedom partyer. That one Peace and Freedomer would be a pivotal member. He would be the one to pursuade to vote for your bill. You know who that person was? Me. ^_^ Yep, I'm the single Peace and Freedom party member. You know what the means? Everyone has to try to pursuade me to vote for them. Yes! I have such power! MUHUHAHA! I'm looking forward to the game now. ^_^ I still need to think of a bill though....

After school, Allan had asked for a ride home, so I went over. Besides, I really, really wanted to play him in Smash Bros. ^_^ As usual, Shelly accompanied me on this little adventure. We went over and chatted for a while before we got down to some Smash Bros. action. He played his usual Peach, while I assumed my usual role as Zelda. Our Peach/Zelda battles are always great. They are always so close and/or exciting. Today he won the two matches we played, but it was great fun.

Right now I really, really have a hankering for some ice cream. I hear from Saga that it's Free Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins. Ah! I love ice cream. More recently, I've grown to like ice cream a whole lot more. It might just be my favorite food. Anyway, I want to go out to Baskin Robbins! Unfortunately, I don't think I can. Besides, I'm not sure where the nearest one is. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to eat some of the stuff we have in the freezer. I guess it's not that bad... it's vanilla with almonds. Mmmmm.... I'm off to go get some. ^_^

Edit: Oops... that was yesterday.... Well... I still want ice cream. ^_^

Congradulations! Although I don't know him, I wish Brian and you the best. Six months, eh? That's a feat already. I hope to see a one year anniversary layout sometime. ^_^

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gaaaah... thanks muchos for the shoutout (^^)
i'm hoping to see a 1 year layout sometime in the future too hehe. not quite sure if we'll get there, but hopefully we'll persevere till then.

*hug* thanks again ^__^

Posted by dandan @ 05/03/2002 09:41 PM PST

Ah, glad you got the ar fixed up^_^ IT woulda sucked majorly saying there for a hella long time =(

Baskin Robins has free ice cream?O_o I want..

Posted by T @ 05/03/2002 01:30 PM PST

there is a baskin robbins over by marie calanders, where i got my hair cut.... on.... what becomes 237 i guess.... calavaris?? on the side that you can turn onto main to go to the great mall, i dont know if you know where that is, but yeah, its there...... dont forget to bring your sterio tomorow... it would suck if there was no audio, or just my tinny little speakers, i could swipe the computer speakers that are in OW's room, but i dont want to hassle with it.... thats all

Posted by james @ 05/03/2002 12:29 AM PST



[fills up your comments]


Posted by Than @ 05/02/2002 10:55 PM PST

yay daddie no yell XD
omg my dad did somethign funny today
i was buy my tux then my dad goes away for a while..
anyway.. i poked around the story.. then the next thing i know
i turn around and there he was behinde me..
ok ja ja

Posted by cinti @ 05/02/2002 10:33 PM PST

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