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05/03/2002 Archived Entry: "Metropolis!"

Today after school we had a screening of Metropolis at anime club. Woo! James brought his DVD and iBook, to play it on, while I brought my kinda old, but still mighty decent Bose stereo. We hooked up the iBook to a school projector and hooked up the stereo. It was a mighty decent setup, considering the kinds of equipment we usually have to work with. Anyway, it was a great showing. There were a decent amount of member who showed up to watch and everyone seemed to like it. I think it's a pretty good movie, although personally, it didn't leave much of an impression upon me. I will say that that was definately some nice music. The CG was also pretty impressive. Good stuff that Rintaro guy makes. ^_^

I've been playing a lot more RO recently. It's fun now that I have a spiffy saint robe and swordmace. Now I can actually do something. I just recently bought a rosary and was given some cat ears from Sataya. Woo. Anyway, I'll be off to play now.

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remember i want those ears back! and that tiara you wanted so i hear it's worth about um...25 mil zenny?

Posted by satayamon @ 05/04/2002 06:30 PM PST

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