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05/06/2002 Archived Entry: "Version 6"

Just Wingin' It = Version 6

Yep, new layout. It's been way too long since I've done that. ^_^ Anyway, this layout features Urashima Kanako from Love Hina. If you know me at all, that shouldn't surprise you. ^_^ Yep, I like Kanako. My favorite Love Hina girl. It used to be Naru, but that was until Kanako showed up. ^_^ Well... in my opinion, Naru got a whole lot less cute towards the end of the story and Kanako just got cuter and cuter. ^_^ But I digress... this layout's not bad. You'll notice a few new things. Thank Danny for that.

Today marks the beginning of AP testing. I would be really worried and all that crap right now, but as I've mentioned before, I'm not taking them. If you didn't hear, my college doesn't take SAT, ACT, AP test scores for placement, so it's not even worth taking them. Besides, my parents wouldn't give me money to take them.

Today was the english AP, which happened to occur during my english class, so in class, there was a grand total of six students. Yep... we slacked off the entire time.

After school today was darn fun. Sataya, Anthony, Shelly, and I had fun having races. Oh, not your normal races. We tied our shoelaces together and did things like "run around this thing within --seconds" or "hop over there within --seconds." You can't believe how fun that is. You feel completely stupid, but that's all the fun. ^_^

This week is looking bad for me. I have reviews for both my stat and physic classes. It's a lot of work and I'm gonna have to turn them in. I don't have much yet, so I better get working. Ah! Darnit! I want to procrastinate more! My physic final's also on Thurday and Friday! Gwar! It's so early! Well... at least we get to slack off after we finish it. *sigh* Yep, this week's looking bad. This weekend can't come soon enough....

Public announement folks:
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Replies: 6 comments

woo new layout! it's cool but i still like shinobu better =p

Posted by satayamon @ 05/07/2002 04:21 PM PST

Oooo...cool layout! Almost monochromish. Anyways. Haha, you're generally maler than the rest of the logging community? Could've fooled me. :P 'Healthy lad'?? LMFAO! That just sounds a little wrong. XD;;

Posted by Than @ 05/07/2002 04:15 PM PST

awesome new layout tsubasa-david-san~! xD dunno why but i like this one better than the last one.

Posted by hikari @ 05/07/2002 03:32 PM PST

aww so much happens that i miss after school ^^;;;

Posted by Cinti @ 05/07/2002 12:41 PM PST

oooh! New Layout.. Purdy XD~~~~

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/06/2002 10:28 PM PST

Oooooo another layout. I like the touch of light-hearted backgrounds mixed with lotsa shadows. ^^
BTW, your recent entry is somewhat hard to see, but since this isn't my layout and I can't argue with someone who has more blogging experience than I do. It best to keep my mouth shut for now ^^;;;.

Posted by hananikko @ 05/06/2002 09:08 PM PST

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