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05/07/2002 Archived Entry: "The Work!"

Oh crap! It's finally dawning on me just how bad my workload this week is. This sucks. I have tons of review for stat to finish before Thursday to turn in. I'm supposed to do the equivelent of three AP exams for review, but I haven't even finished one. If that wasn't enough, I also have my physic final is on Thursday and Friday. So that means that I have to do a lot of physic review too. Gwar! I'm not sure if I'm ready for this test. Sure, we've been reviewing for maybe two or three weeks, but it's covering everything from the beginning of the year and that's a whole lot to remember. In addition to those things, I have to write a bill for our Senate simulation in government tomorrow. That's what I'm doing right now and it's cutting into my review time. *sigh* I have a week frought with difficulty.

For my Senate bill, I'm going to tackle the issue of HDTV broadcasting. If you peoples are not aware, it was mandated by the FCC that every major TV station in the US had to have a digital broadcast by May 1, 2002. That date has already passed and you know what? It didn't happen. Now the bill is more or less dead. Now there's no official bill or anything to make TV stations offer digital broadcasting, but they are sure being pressured to do so. My bill is going to be a proposal to require all major TV stations to have digital broadcasting by May 1, 2005. I figure all the major stations should have already started to get off their lazy bums and work on offering digital broadcasting, considering how they already should have it, so I guess three years will be enough time for them to get their acts together.

I finally found that one video I've been looking all over for. The first music video played during Der Cosplay/the masquerade at Fanime. It's entitled Odorikuruu and it's done by Aokakesu Digital. It features the song "Mamboleo" by Elissa. Download it from their site. You'll thank me.

Anyway, I'm off to write my bill. Then I'll probably be up late doing stat and physic review. Gwar....

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and umm..
nice bill ^^;;;

Posted by Cinti @ 05/08/2002 12:54 PM PST

dargh.. that sucks-_-'' * pat pat* gambatte ^^v

Fanime.. odd.. that seeme da long time ago.. when it really wasn't =O.. maybe it's just me^^''

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/07/2002 10:14 PM PST

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