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05/09/2002 Archived Entry: "Evil Physic Final! (Part I)"

Gwar! The physic final today was horrible! I'm not sure about a whole lot of the stuff I did and I didn't get around to filling out some portions. I hope it isn't that bad, but I fear that it is. Well... at least today was the free response portion. I'll hopefully be able to make it up tomorrow on the multiple choice portion. This is being graded like an AP exam, so half is a passing grade. I'm still pretty darn worried though. Wish me luck folks. I'll need it.

At least after tomorrow, I'll have a nice, calm weekend. I'll be finished with my physic class more or less and I'll have a week to study before my stat final, so no big deal. I plan to spend tons of time putting together a site for ICA, since that one website project was finally assigned. Yay! I get to do an anime site. It has to be somewhat "personal" though. Ugh! I hate personal sites. Aside from logs, I never find personal sites interesting. They're basically, "these are the things I like" kinda sites. Well, I got something to say: I don't freakin' care what you like. I care about things that I like and usually they aren't exactly the things you like. I digress... well... I convinced my teacher to let me do essentially an informational anime site, but I'll have a section devoted to opinion about what I'm talking about. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I'm thinking about either a series site or a character shrine. Only problem with a character shrine is that no one will know anything about who I'm talking about. Oh well... I'll think of something.

I also got Slayers Try to watch! Thanks Allan! ^_^ Yah, I know I really should have seen Try by now, but I never got around to it. I wanted to purchase the DVD box a while back, but everytime I have money, Sega had to toss a limited edition game in my face. I couldn't turn down a limited edition game, could I? Well... my friend bought the TRY box and he's letting me borrow it. I'll probably get it myself over the summer, when I have a job (which I'm still not too thrilled about).

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cool try ^__^

Posted by Cinti @ 05/10/2002 01:01 PM PST

woo afterschool in the parking lot XD!! we gotta do that again it was soo fun!

Posted by satayamon @ 05/09/2002 10:39 PM PST

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