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05/12/2002 Archived Entry: "Progress Reports! Gwar!"

Yesterday I took a placement test for college. I'll be attending De Anza college this coming summer and fall, so I had to take placement tests, as they won't take any test scores (SAT, AP, ACT) for placement. No big deal. I took the english and calculus readiness tests and they were a piece of cake. It was just a waste of my time.

Today was supposed to be the marriage of my friends Vincent and Anne on RO. Unfortunately, server 3 was down pretty much all day, which is a bad thing when the bride, best man, and the acolyte performing the ceremony (me) are all stuck on it. Well... some other day Vince.

Because of that, yesterday I went over to Anthony's house for Vincent's batcheolor party. It was some good fun. We played lots o' Smash Bros. ^_^

Anyway, my weekend's been rather boring. I have been watching Try and working on my site, but that's about it. The only really important thing that happend was the arrival of my progress report.

I don't know why, but whenever it nears the end of a grading period, my grades seem to slip a bit. Whenever my progress report gets home, I know I already have better grades, but my parents like to go by what's written on that little piece of paper. Yep, my dad got mad again. *sigh* Once again he chose to insult my friends. He insists they're not a good group to hang out with. Bah! He doesn't know anything about them. I know they're good people, but he refuses to see them in that light. He's an idiot. He also made the threat to cut off my internet. Now that strikes some fear into me. I don't know where he can get off doing that though. I'm not the only one who uses the internet in this house. My sister and occasionally he uses it too. Gwar... I'm not sure if he's really going to do it, but if he does, that'll just devestate my world. I live on the internet. Well... I hope the grades I have now are good enough to convince him not to do it.

That's all for today. I'm kinda feeling peeved by my dad and all, so I'm off to try to do something productive: more work on my site for Comp App.

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he won't ^^;;;
but still...

Posted by Cinti @ 05/13/2002 01:07 PM PST

Konban wa! ^_^ I thought it was about time I commented on this thing ^.^ Hora! Having parent difficulties? That always sux, but believe it or not they're just concerned about you.In a happier world grades wouldn't be important, unfortunetly we're in a meany-parents-will-smackyoudown-if-yougetaC+-world --;;;; CHEER UP! ^_^

Posted by Yuri Nikko @ 05/13/2002 12:46 AM PST

::pats back::: there there, cutting off the internet?! Now dat's unbelievebly messed up!!!><:;;

Posted by hananikko @ 05/12/2002 11:37 PM PST

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