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05/14/2002 Archived Entry: "Japantown Revisited"

Today was the physic AP exam. Interestingly enough, it happened to be scheduled for when my physic class is supposed to take place. Quite the coincidence, eh? Well... since I'm not taking any APs, I had free time for two periods. Sweet. I decided to go to Japantown.

First I went to Nikaku. Dang... no matter how many times I go there, there are always things to look at. One thing in particular that caught my eye today was the Art of Kanon book. I so wanted that. It was just screaming to me "buy me!!!" Unfortunately, it was about $30 and I had about $12 on me. Sob *sniff sniff* I want it now! If anyone owes me money, pay me back, ok? Well... with my spectacular $12, I bought Love Hina tankouban 8. Afterwards, that left me with a nice $4, so I went to Dobashi (I think that was its name...) and bought some Morinaga caramels and some peach gum (ha ha, Dandan and Vince! ^_^).

At three, right after school, I headed home because my mom told me that I had a appointment with the wisdom teeth guy. I'm going to get them off over the summer, so I have to go to some boring appointment where I'm told what they're going to do, why it's important, etc. Well... it turns out that my mom got the date wrong and it's really Thursday that I'm supposed to go. Gwar! I left early and for what? Nothing! I wanted to stay with my friends.

Dang... that's some pretty serious stuff happening there. I hope that everything turns out well.... Good luck to you and everyone involved, especially Rachel.

Sorry I didn't mention it before, but nice new layout, although I'm really not much of a Star Wars fan myself.

Yay! You're alive. ^_^ Good luck with your history final. Remember, as always, I'm rooting you on. ^_^

Nothing else to say, so now off to work on my Comp App site....

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you're getting ur wisdom teeth pulled out this summer too? =O

whoa.. whaddya know=P may pain um.. not kill us.. or we use that laughing gas stuff.. heee XD

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/15/2002 07:57 PM PST


Posted by dandan @ 05/15/2002 05:02 PM PST


Posted by Cinti @ 05/15/2002 01:35 PM PST

Thanks David. :)

Posted by Than @ 05/14/2002 11:09 PM PST

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