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05/15/2002 Archived Entry: "After AP Party"

Well, yesterday was the physic AP, so today in my physic class, we had an "After AP" party. What that basically means is that we got food (pizza or togos), drinks, and entertainment. Woo. I ate a couple of slices of pizza and then hooked up Tsubaki (my Gamecube) to the TV. Woo! Smash Bros! ^_^ I love that game. What sucked though was that I was better than anyone in the class. Gwar... I want some real competition. Where's Vince or Allan when you need them? Eh... it was fun though. It's good fun to beat people up with Pichu. ^_^ Believe it or not, he's my second most used character. He only follows Zelda, who is my main character. Zelda-Zelda, not Sheik-Zelda. I much prefer Zelda to Sheik. More fun to play. More skill required too.

After school was really fun today. Anthony, Sataya, and I laid around in the hallways. We were engaging in the great American pasttime: being lazy. ^_^ I'm serious! Where else in the world are they as lazy? It was great. Lying around is always a good way to spend your time. Although lying down on the hard floor without something to support my head was kinda trying on my cranium. So I lay on Sataya. Then Anthony wanted to jump in, so he lay his head on me. Now that was pretty darn comfortable. Although I had to leave after a while, so bah!

Right now I really feel like watching some anime. I still need to watch the last couple of episodes of Slayers Try. Although I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to watch anything. You see, I had review supliments to do for physic. They were preparation for the final and AP exam. Well, now that they're over, I'm gonna have to turn them in. Well... being the lazy bum I am, I didn't finish them all. Actually, I didn't finish most of them. Aha~ I always get myself in these situations. Well... I guess I can't really blame myself too harshly... I'm a senior. I'm supposed to be lazy. I'm making my people proud. Haha! So yah... off to my sups....

I've changed the URL to my log. It's now http://tsubasa.nu/wingin/. You can change your bookmarks/links if you want to, but it's not necessary, as I have the old URLs redirecting to this new one. Gotta love playing around with htaccess.

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bored... at CCOC
that is where i am when u need me

Posted by Cinti @ 05/16/2002 01:09 PM PST

heehee, senioritis? ^^ My history final was ok. @_@;; 4 essays. I think he was trying to simulate the AP or something, but the class isn't AP -_-;; I guess preparation for next year's AP Govt. class? O_o;

In my AP Bio class since the AP was over we played Ultimate Frisbee and had a Basketball shootout. But Saga can't play for health reasons. So...I was the cheering girl! Or.. cheerleader.. ^^;; Just without the moves. That was fun.

Lazy pastime... I want that. ^^; Though since my history final I've been quite happy that it's over so I've been watching Kanon up until 13.

Ne, Tsu-kun, do you like character designs by Arina Tanemura or Broccoli?

Posted by Saga @ 05/15/2002 10:50 PM PST

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