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05/19/2002 Archived Entry: "No Prom for Me"

Right now the senior ball is going on. Yep, I'm missing out on my prom. Why? I think I've gone over this before, but it's because: 1. I don't really want to go, 2. I don't have a date, and 3. I don't have money. The prime reason why I'm not going is reason number one up there: I don't really want to go. Well... my lovelife this year was, how should I say... nonexistant. Yep, nothing. How boring, eh? You'd think that something would happen with at least one girl, but no.... For a while I was kinda sad a bitter about this, but I've more or less resigned to the fact and it's not eating away at me anymore. Though prom's happening right now. It makes me think. I'm a hopeless romantic. I had visions of having a nice girlfriend right now. A girl I could spend my life with. We would go to prom today and have a fun, romantic time. Then afterwards we could go somewhere quiet to talk and possibly cuddle for a while. Yep, I so thought that that would happen. Now look at me. I suppose I'm a little bummed, but as I stated earlier, I'm more or less resigned to the fact. No use crying about it.

The vast majority of my friends went to the prom. I kinda feel left out, but when am I not? I'm one of the most often left out of group activities. I'm not sure if it's because I can't go out too often or if it's just because people don't want me around, but many times I feel somewhat left out. It's kinda lonely, but I suppose it's a familiar feeling. All my life I haven't really been the most social of people. I have problems really connecting to people; getting close to them. I suppose that's why I don't really have a best friend. You know, the kind of person you can always spend time with and who you talk to whenever you have a problem or feel down. Anyway, back to the subject, I'm left out once again. Although I'm used to it by now, so this is another instance where I'm more or less resigned to the fact.

As far as my day went:
At least today I had some fun going to Eastridge mall with Kristine. There is an art exhibit thing going on, where art from local high school students are being displayed. She invited me to go because she has three pieces that are being displayed. Good work there. I give you a thumbs up and a pat. ^_^ There was some good stuff there. I really like looking at all the amazing pieces. There were plenty of not so amazing pieces, but at least they tried, so I gotta give them kudos for trying. Let me just say that the digital art was pretty darn pathetic. Now I'm not a great graphic designer, but I could definately do better. What the heck? Why isn't my stuff on display somewhere? Well anyway, after looking at the pretty art, we went back to her house. Let me just say that I don't feel comfortable in a girl's house with her parents around. She said it was alright, but I always have some kind of uneasiness. We even went into her room and closed the door. Don't get me wrong. We just played some Capcom vs SNK2, but you know parents.... They get the wrong idea so easily. Anyway, afterwards I helped her with coding for her own log, which should be up soon enough. I'm expecting it within the next few days. You'll hear about it when it gets up.

Oh yah! I need to talk about yesterday:
Yesterday in physic, we had an electromagnetic contest. What really, really pissed me off is that my lab group is freakin' lazy. They gave me the wire to coil at lunch, which is right before class. Thanks guys. I started, but the wire was tangled, so I had to take a long time to untangle it too. I finally had to bring it to class and finish untangling and coiling. Our group was called up to test our magnet, but it wasn't done, so we were disqualified from any extra credit! Gwar! When we were called up again (without the possibility of extra credit), our magnet outperformed any other magnet! Gwar again! We got gyped! I want my extra credit!

At least after school, things were pretty nice. I went out to Nikaku again. I've figured out that my getting a license=Nikaku getting more money. ^_^ It's true! Anyway, I got something really spiffy: an artbook entitled "The Ultimate Art Collection of 'Kanon.'" It has all the CG from the game! Woo! I'm happy. ^_^

"Man! You're in an AP class? I'm... Oh my! I'm really surprised!"
Did you know that that sounds really insulting? Well... I'm not going to take it that way, but just letting you know.... For you information, I'm in Physic AP, Stat AP, and English Honors, which is an AP equivilant class. I actually do fairly well in school and have "advanced" placement for a lot of my classes.

Spiffy new layout. I haven't seen or read the later parts of Rayearth, but I really intend to someday. I need to assemble enough money to get the second DVD box.

I see your lovelife is just about as bad as mine. Well, at least you're not alone, so feel better, ok? ^_^

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normaly it's cuzz u can't make it...
go on-line... i mean acutlly on AIM... bleh oh well if u dont' want to i can't force you...
anyway... if it makes u feel better jeff and me were also disqualified for the physics contest...
oh well ~_~

Posted by Cinti @ 05/20/2002 09:45 PM PST

aw, you feel left out too?=( * hug hug* yeah, I feel lefted out a lot too, if i get the chance to go out or not. I'm always afriad of reaching out to ppl =X I have an idea y.. but it seems sorta faint. So Keep in mind, you not alone^^'b

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/19/2002 01:46 PM PST

U forgot your Chrono Trigger BTW.... - -;

Posted by hananikko @ 05/19/2002 12:02 PM PST

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