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05/19/2002 Archived Entry: "Sakura Taisen & Love Hina Log Crews"

Since everyone seems to be getting in on this whole log crew thing, I decided to start two myself, for series I really love and with characters I really like. Thus the birth of the Sakura Taisen and Love Hina log crews. I already called Kohran and Kanako, but the rest are free. Just e-mail me if you wish to be a part of this action (so I can link you and everything). There are definately a whole lot of available spaces. ^_^;

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good luck...
what is one?

Posted by Cinti @ 05/20/2002 09:47 PM PST

ne ne... i'll take naru-chan if you don't mind. ^^;; all the guys... erm... guy (kei-kuuuun) seems to be taken... xD nyuhuhu... love beatin ecchi guys up. ^o^

Posted by hikari @ 05/20/2002 04:49 PM PST

Love Hina - Urashima Keitaro
Sakura Taisen - Oogami Ichiro

Posted by Uchiki @ 05/19/2002 08:14 PM PST

I'll join too^^"' uh how does it work again? O_o

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/19/2002 01:49 PM PST

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