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05/20/2002 Archived Entry: "Senior Cut Day"

All this week, the little twerpy freshmen are taking some kind of test thing that the state mandates that they take. What does that mean for us seniors? Block scheduling. Yep... so that the little twerpy freshmen can have more time to do their little tests, we seniors have to have three classes a day at two hours a piece. Thanks freshmen.

What really sucks is that today is the annual "Senior Cut Day." In other words, mass numbers of seniors cut school. What really pisses me off is that one of my teachers, my physic teacher, actually told the class to cut on Senior Cut Day. Because my physic class occupies my last two periods, I would be able to leave at lunch or something and get a nice two and a half hours off from school. Sweet. Unfortunately, today I didn't have my fifth and sixth periods. Instead, I had periods one, two, and three. What makes that so bad is that my third period teacher had stated before that on any day where many seniors are absent, we would have a test. Not a hard test, but a one hundred point test. I also had a quiz in my second period, so yah... I didn't get to cut any of my classes.

The test in my third period, government, was a joke. It was basically a bunch of free points. Questions included:
What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is the name of the school?
What is your favorite color?
What day of the week is it?
Stuff like that. Basically it was a bunch of free points, which is nice. Not that I don't already have an A in that class. Really now, it's government. I've always had a knack for history courses. I can remember a bunch of useless facts and regurgitate them two weeks later. I'm cool like that. ^_^

So yah... school was a bunch of crap, but what's new? At least after school I got to see my friend Anne before she left to go back to Canadia. She had visited to go to the senior prom with my friend Vincent, since they are kinda like a couple. So yah... nice meeting you Anne! Hope to chat with you sometime. Although, since I never go on AIM, I guess I'll see you on RO.

Thanks everyone for trying to make me feel better. Although, you really don't have to do anything. Like I said, I'm not really sad. I'm just really somber and indifferent. Special thanks to Saga. Thanks for spewing a bunch of religion crap at me. ^_^ Nah, really, that was an interesting read. And thanks especially for the virtual hug. Those are always appreciated. ^_^

Yah, I suppose you're right... things really could have been worse. At least I didn't spend tons of money to take out some lame girl. Sorry your prom was so bad.

Uchiki, Hikari, Saga:
Thanks for joining my log crews. Geez... I didn't expect so many people so soon. Oh, and thanks for putting up with all the linking. I'm sure it's a bother. It's great to see other people express an interest in the same series I like.

Is it just me or are my posts getting more angsty? I don't think this'll go on for too long, so don't worry folks.

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i might not be the smart.. but i can guess what 'angsty' is... umm... maybe a lil.. but it's good to rant about things.. even though your not exactly ranting ^^;;;
hope u feel a bit better...
Senior cut day wasn't all that...
we had to hide for the first hour and half in the back yard and side of the house avoiding to be seen by jeff's mom...
oh god that was scary...
aren't u glad u didnt' cut? u would have missed out on that easy test that probably would have drop your grade 1 letter (not like that'd matter)
again me say feel better soon

Posted by Cinti @ 05/21/2002 12:41 PM PST

Urm, :;tries to HER recall senior cut day:: o yea, I didn't participate in it! ^^;; I dunno, I have to be good ^_^ And you didn't cut either! ::thumbs up:: cool. Think of it this way, why would you want to do what everyone else is doing?? Not cutting makes you special! ^_^
And you got free points in your classes, so everythings groovy ^_^

Posted by Yuri-Chan @ 05/21/2002 01:23 AM PST

lol. The things I learn in my private school... *sweatdrop* Now that you started log crews it makes me want to start a few! but then it'd get a little crazy ne? With all the linking... It wasn't a hassle at all. =) I've liked Sakura Taisen since 1997. So yeah, it's pretty cool how they went up to 4 though #4 isn't as great as the previous ones. And there I go rambling again.

At least your govt class is easy. My history class is funky. (as I mentioned somewhere before, I have a funky schedule) In my history class the teacher thought it'd be fun to kill the rest of the year by giving us an introduction to economics. @_@;; Mou, I'm too young for this! But yeah... we're supposed to pretend we're living independently, and figure out our balance statement. -_- That means working AND learning to support ourselves... It's so weird, all these numbers to add @_@;

I don't want to do that! but it's due this friday, along with my religion presentation (not on Hinduism...lol), and my english essay. =_= same day as my concert. I want to be as unburdened as Tsu-kun!

Posted by Saga @ 05/21/2002 12:03 AM PST

^^;; No easy to get setimental now, but its great seeing you up being yourself agian. BTW, thanks for helping me out with my blog, no wonder I respect you so much ^^.

Posted by hananikko @ 05/21/2002 12:01 AM PST

whoa.. i want tests like that=P I'd sooo pass High Skool XD

Glad ya feel better Davey-Chu^__^* pat pat*

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/20/2002 11:25 PM PST

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