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05/21/2002 Archived Entry: "ONE PIECE BOOK!!!"

Block scheduling continues.... Today's school schedule consisted of my last three periods: Comp App 4 and Physic AP (2 periods).

I can't tell you how boring comp app for two hours is. Ugh... Luckily, I anticipated the sheer boredom, so I made a nice music CD before coming to school. I basically sat around and listened to music for a long time. I guess it was still kinda boring, but at least I could listen to my favorite music.

Physic was a heck of a lot more interesting. Since I have it for two periods, that means that I was scheduled to have it for four hours. Joy. Believe it or not though, it was actually rather nice. During the first two hour period, we watched Space Balls. Sweet. That movie's so great. Although I already saw it pretty recently, so I escaped to the back of the room and played around on one of the computers. Luckily, I had some nice To Heart VCDs in my backpack, so I broke those out and watched episodes 10 & 11. MULTI!!! ^_^ Gotta love her.

As for my second period of physic... wait... I didn't have a second period of physic. Yep, my teacher let us go because there was absolutely nothing to do. We already finished everything we had to do a week ago. So I went out to Japan Town again. Geez... I tell you, I'm sure that lady at Nikaku knows me by now. I come in often enough. I looked around and saw the spiffy Sakura Taisen 2 & 3 art books. Nice! Unfortunately, I only had $23 on me and they were $26 and $28... without tax.... Gwar. So I looked around some more and I found something else that was just as awesome: One Piece Color Walk 1! Yep, I got a One Piece art book. Sweet! It has a bunch of color art: some colorized images from the manga, some colorized manga pages, some manga covers, and some original illustrations. Really good stuff. I need more One Piece stuff! Maybe I should get an e-Bay account so I can get that 52-episode anime box set....

WHAT!!! YOU'RE QUITTING LOGGING!?! Geez... I never expected that. Personally, I always enjoy reading your log. In fact, your log was one of the logs that first inspired me to create my own. Geez... now you have to get up and quit? Well... I suppose I can understand, but I'm a little disappointed, thats all.... Also, I'm an "interesting" person? Are you really sure about that? That's news to me....

Hey, you're even cooler than I thought you were before. ^_^ You like Sakura Taisen! Yah! I love the series. I've only really played the first two, but I have all of them. I'm holding off on breaking into the third game until I finish the second game once again with Kohran. I already beat the game with Sakura and Orihime, but I believe in saving the best for last. ^_^

That history class sounds really... how shall I say... crappy. Yep.... first semester this year was economics for me, but we never had to do stupid stuff like that. It was all conceptual stuff for me. Remembering concepts and junk like that.

You think I'm unburdened? Well... I suppose I can see where you're coming from, considering how you have the most hectic schedule of anyone I know, online or offline, but let me assure you, I have my own fair share of work to do. I have physic AP and stat AP, which are not exactly the easiest classes ever. Do you know how much work I had to do for physic? We finished studying everything about two months before the end of the school year. That's quite a bit of work in only... what was is...? Seven months?

Hey... been meaning to ask you this for a while, but want to be log siblings? I want siblings... you're cool... what other reason do I need to ask? ^_^

Wow... Tina's dreaming about me...? o.O Should I feel special or something? ^_^ Nah, really now, that really is a strange dream. Me? Dark and down? That must have been strange because I'm never like that.

Thanks for joining the ST crew! Woo! You're our first ST3 character. That's great! I really need to play that game someday....

Thanks for joining both the ST and LH crews. You're cool in my book now. ^_^ You also have a spiffy looking log. *thumbs up*

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Hey! Thanks for the lil' shoutout ^^ I was gonna choose Maria, but Erica resembles my personality more...wanna play ST3 too! =D

Have you watched To Heart episode 12 yet? Very heartwarming ^^

Posted by Sawa @ 05/24/2002 04:53 AM PST

*watches david's social life/blogging grow*
umm... woo MULTI!!!!
gwar... for some reason after reading blog i'm in a hugging mood *huggles davie sama and all of his friends*
(or maybe i miss her too much =X)

Posted by Cinti @ 05/23/2002 08:42 AM PST

Thanks for the plug ^_~ I'm glad I got accepted into your log crews... I feel so speshful... XD

Posted by Steph @ 05/23/2002 07:06 AM PST

Wai, I'd love to be a log sibling with you! ^_^ I'd probably had asked sooner or later myself. Tsu-kun should get one of those superdeformed Kohran plushie. I bought my friend one for her birthday like 3 years ago @ Anime Expo, though I really wanted to keep it for myself. In our little group of friends then we had names for each of us. I was Sakura, my other friend (who wore glasses) was Kohran, my friend was Kanna (^^; She was the tallest and strongest of us), my sister was Iris, my other other friend was Sumire, and another was Maria. We *almost* had the whole cast... except since I go to an all girl's school we lacked Oogami. I cosplayed as Sakura before, and my friend went as Kohran! But my friend lost the pictures we took. ._.;

You took AP classes but you didn't take the AP exams because the credit wouldn't count right? Wow, finishing 2 months early! For Biology we finished a month early though we just had constant tests and practice. WAH! AP Physics! That's sounds as scary as the AP Calculus I took! X_x;; I'm okay with math, but physics is like a science and a math. And I saw some of the seniors' work in there, and there were lots of formulas. The tests were weird too. Tsu-kun must be smart to take AP Physics, and Stat! Two math-ish APs... If anything I don't like AP math-anything after my experience this year. Tsu-kun has worked hard and now it's your time to enjoy. ^^; My time shall be soon! *counts days* 10!

Thanks for the good luck wish too. ^^; We sang well today in the preview at my school, and at the rehearsal. Just need to do it again on Friday. I have a solo to do too, so I'm kinda scared. Hm, after the CD comes out I'll covert the track to an mp3 and you can download my voice. Oe, that sounded weird...

Posted by Saga @ 05/22/2002 10:16 PM PST

Oh oh! Get an Ebay account! it's soo cool XD what's even better is that your legal too=D unlike someone over here * cough cough*=P

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/22/2002 07:26 PM PST

comp. app? .-. you wouldn't happen to know c++ would you? xD

Posted by hikari @ 05/22/2002 06:47 PM PST

ahaha^^"'' tis was a weird dream.. I wanna go back to fanime=(

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/22/2002 06:15 PM PST

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