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05/22/2002 Archived Entry: "Freakin' Morons!"

People are freakin' morons.

Today in government, I presented my bill to our little simulation senate. Before I tell you what happened and everything, let me tell you about my bill in detail. Basically, my bill proposed that there be a mandate that all major television stations in the US would broadcast a digital signal by May 1, 2006. Now why would this matter? Well... there are several reasons. First, I have to say that I'm a videophile, so the increased resolution is definately a plus, but that's not the only advantage. When there are a sufficient amount of major stations broadcasting in a digital signal, the bandwidth currently being taken up by analog signals (you know... the stuff you get with antennas?) could be relinquished and sold to mobile service providers. Mobile service providers are already hurting for bandwidth. It's getting harder and harder for them to find unique signals to use, considering how their spectrum usage is being restricted. If the service providers don't get more bandwidth, they'll have to charge more for their service. There is no other alternative. So it makes sense to set things up so that this bandwidth could someday be relinquished, doesn't it? Besides, this bill doesn't even address the issue of relinquishing this bandwidth. The only stipulation is that all major television stations broadcast a digital signal. Yes, this leads up to this bandwidth being reclaimed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), but it doesn't mean that it will happen. I'm sure there'll be enough public outcry, so that it wouldn't really happen for a while. So yah... that was my bill. Makes sense, doesn't it? Besides, this should have already have been done! The FCC had mandated the exact same thing and they placed a deadline for the completion of this task as March 1, 2002. Well, the date already passed and it hasn't been done. I'm just extending an old deadline by four more years. Doesn't it make perfect sense? I don't see any flaws with my proposal. None at all. Now, how did it go in the senate? It didn't pass! What the heck!? Why didn't it pass? They're freakin' idiots! I got a total of maybe five supporters. Some voted because there was no one else voting! That's just insulting! About half to three quarters of the class voted against me! That pissed me off. That so pissed me off.

After school, I was still rather peeved, but I found a good way to relieve my pissness: thirteen for pushups. ^_^ Yep, I played thirteen with my friends for pushups. I really need to exercise more, so this is a prime way for me to get some. It was really fun, but I won a bit too much, so I offered to take my friend's pushups for her. Then I did a decent number of them. It felt good to get some exercise. I need to do that more often. I miss my days in kickboxing... ah... getting extremely tired, sweating until my shirt was wet with perspiration, and then continue training... those were the days. ^_^ I also never got sore. That was so nice. I'm gonna try to get more exercise from now on.

You're school year's over with already? Geez... seems pretty early to me. Are you on some kind of non-normal schedule? Cause I still got... what was it...? Three or so weeks left? I don't know... something like that. Well, have fun with your free time.

Thanks for joining both the ST and LH crews. You're cool too. ^_^ Hope you're not gonna have to serve that entire sentence. Being grounded from the internet that long is just plain wrong!

How do you do it!? The new SephNET layout is freakin' awesome! I gotta say, I think it's the best looking one yet. Very, very nice editing. I give you a big thumbs up cause you deserve it.

Nope, I know no C++. My Comp App class is pretty basic stuff. There'll be a "computer science" class beginning at my school next year. That class will deal with C++ and I think some Java. Figures... they create the class the year after I leave.... The only programming they currently teach at my school is some basic HTML in the Comp App classes.

Woo! Thanks for being my sibling! I'm happy. ^_^

I get to hear you sing? Really? Woo! I wonder how Saga sounds.... Cute? I hope so. ^_^

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C++ is a KILLER! That's all that is...I've got a huge project due too, worth 30%! And I'm just dreading the final exam ne.

Posted by Sawa @ 05/24/2002 04:55 AM PST

i want to do weighted traning... if i buy a cupple... u want to join me...
i mean.. like wearing weights on your legs and wrist... and just wearing them all day.. and do activiets that make us use our arms and legs more...
i really need to be stronger if i plan to tak up breakdancing again...
well anyway... yeah ^__^
till then 13!!!

Posted by Cinti @ 05/23/2002 08:47 AM PST

gah... phooey. i got some dumb final project i gotta write for comp. sci. and my group just happened to wanna do chess. x_x so many algorithms to sort through... driving me nuts. and then to make matters worse, my partners are all seniors and they're pretty much burnt out with school. *dies* damn... they're adding java for us after i leave too... sucks. *runs off to play ssb melee :3*

Posted by hikari @ 05/22/2002 11:37 PM PST

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