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05/23/2002 Archived Entry: "Eww~ Chicken Skin..."

Today in physic I had the Golden State Exam, which is something that I'm sure is exclusive to the state of California. It's basically another standardized test. Joy! As if I didn't already take enough. Well... on the upside and everything, it was extremely easy. If you're studying for the AP Exams and the finals in a AP physic class, you should know a few things. That I did, so the test was extremely easy. Nowhere near AP caliber. Waste of my time. At least this marks the last real thing I'll ever have to do for the class.

After school I headed over to my friend Cinti's house to do some preparations for Club Day tomorrow. Little explaination: Club Day is a day at my school where everyone gets out of school early and partakes of foods and/or activities that the clubs are selling or offering. As I'm a very active member of the school Anime Club, it's not unusual that I was helping out with preparations. Our club's gonna setup video games and charge 25 cents per play. It's not really a big money maker, but everyone always seems to enjoy it. This year, because video games aren't a big money maker, we're gonna be selling some nice and tasty teriyaki bowls. Mmmmm... yummy! Actually, they're not bad at all. ^_^ Dangit, I want some now! *sniff sniff* Ahem! I digress... I was over at Cinti's and we, with the help of my friend Christine who's the vice pres, we deskinned chicken drumsticks, chopped beef, and marinated some meat. Let me just say that deskinning chicken is a lot harder than I thought it would be. You see, I don't cook much, so it looked easy enough... just grab the skin and pull. Simple, right? Well... they skin's kinda moist and the has a tendency to want to say on the chicken. Gwar! At least I did well chopping the beef. I like handling knives. ^_^ I'm really good with knives. I never cut myself and I just happen to handle them pretty well. One of my many skills. ^_^ The marinating was pretty smelly, as we were using teriyaki sauce, but I did it anyway. After all of that, I kinda had to go. There were still more things to be done (there was something about baking...), but I kinda had to go.

I'm proud to annouce the opening of my friend Hananikko's log: Visage. Something to note, is that she happens to be tsubasa.nu's first hostee. Woo! She also happens to be my second disciple. Although, while I taught my sister both editing and coding, I only helped her with coding. Anyway, she's a great person, so check it out. Take a look at the gallery too. There's some pretty impressive stuff in there. ^_^

Thanks for joining both the ST & LH crews. Your log looks really nice. I especially like the name. ^_^

Congradulations on getting up a spiffier, non-Xanga log! ^_^ Join in on the amazing world of real logging. ^_^ You get to have fun making layouts now! Woo!

I see you're using Greymatter. It was kinda hard for me to get the hang of at first, so if you want any help or anything, ask me. I've been using it for a while, so I know a thing or two.

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Eck! Tests are evil... I never did good on 'em x_o; You make things sound so easy... I wonder if I'll ever survive the horrer of high school.
I want to join the Anime Club at my high school xD
Please excuse my angery outburts on my blog..

Posted by Uchiki @ 05/24/2002 11:34 PM PST

Gah! I forgot I have to take the Golden State Exam for Chemistry next week. Hopefully my knowledge is enough to convinve the test. I have a feeling the odds will be against me.... Wow, its not like you at all. Now I can't imagine that.. You holding a knife in the kitchen for the first time:::gasps:::^^;;:snaps a pickyture:: Actually knives are not very hard to handle at all, since I learned how to use it by watching my auntie. For some reason, I need to learn how to cook meat danggit ><; Oh yah, I still owe you a skillet huh?? =)``

Posted by hananikko @ 05/24/2002 12:23 AM PST

*nods* GSEs are easy after APs. It's pretty cool when you know all the answers and finish before everyone else...

My school has an anime club too! I'm one of the few people that bring in stuff for people to watch. We don't have any sales though... I want a club day at my school. How come all the good stuff is elsewhere?

And Tsu-kun (or, as I sometimes would say, oniichama!) is definitely a teacher. I might switch to greymatter soon... so I know who to ask! ^^

Posted by Saga @ 05/24/2002 12:22 AM PST

Yay An actural Blog XD yay! more variety and abilities and all that good stuff=P hee don't worry I won't make over 25 different layouts in 3/4 of a year like say . Dandan=D hehe all her layouts are cool tho^_^and for da nice welkum=D

Grrr stupid Golden State Exam Test Thingy >_< it was a total waste of 2 hours and or 2 periods XP

eep Block Scheduling scares me now O_o

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/23/2002 11:26 PM PST

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