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05/25/2002 Archived Entry: "Club Day"

Well, yesterday was Club Day. As I've been doing for the last three years, I worked the Anime Club booth again. Because of that, I got Ms. Vice-President to write me a pass to get out of all my classes. ^_^ I also got a nice off-campus pass (we have a closed campus) because I can drive. ^_^

Setup was horrible. As I stated before, we set up games for peoples to play for 25 cents a play and this setting up was a big hassle. We had seven TVs, so we had to hook up a console to each TV. What really sucked is that I did pretty much all of that. Yep, no one helped me! Gwar! It got really bad, as school ended and Club Day started, as we still didn't have everything set up and they still didn't do anything! Gwar again! Well... I did all the setup for five TVs and consoles and left it becuse we were afraid of drawing too much power from too few plugs. We had two TVs running Smash Bros. DX, one Capcom vs. SNK 2, one Soul Calibur, and one DDR 5th Mix. It went pretty well from there. I set everything up, so I made everyone else take money. ^_^ I kinda relaxed this year. Every other year, I also took money in addition to doing all the wiring stuff. I still stayed around most of the time to supervise though.

The marines had set up an inflatable obstacle course. I'm assuming they really need new recruits or something.... Anyway, it looked fun, so I decided to challenge Sataya to a match. We like to challenge each other. We sorta have this fun, friendly rivalry thing. We signed little waiver thingys that say that the Marines aren't responsible if you die and all that crap and we went for it. Gwar! Sataya won! Gwar! I was ahead for a while... up until the whole rope climbing portion. I forgot there was a rope to climb with. ^_^; At least I only lost by two seconds, but still.... Darn you Sataya! *shakes fist*
And what do I have to show for this? A friction burn on my left elbow. ;_;

As Club Day ended, we had to clean up. Let me just say that clean up was horrible too. Even worse than setup. We had to return all the TVs we borrowed to the classrooms, sort through everything to figure out what's who's, and I had to help people get stuff home, considering I'm just about the only one of us who drives. We ended at 3:00 or so. We finished cleaning up at 4:40.

After getting home, I was darned tired, so I lay down and nearly fell asleep. That was until I had to shower and eat dinner. That I did. Then I played some Chrono Trigger! Woo! I never got to play that back in the day, so I'm doing so now. I'm about 2 hours into it and I just escaped from prison and I'm in some futuristic time. I'm really enjoying it. So far, it's tons better than Chrono Cross. I like character development in my RPGs. As long as the characters are likable, then the RPG's pretty alright in my opinion. Anyway, I'll be off to play some more. ^_^

Sure, I'll help you with Greymatter if you want. ^_^

I make tests sound easy? Well... these are the Golden State Exams.... They are easy. The lab portion essentially tells you what to do step-by-step. The multiple choice portion is nowhere near AP exam-caliber. Essentially, it was a breeze.

Alright, I excuse the disgruntled outbursts. ^_^

Yah, I've seen all of To Heart. I love the series! It's so heart-warming. It makes you feel good all over after every episode. ^_^ Especially after episodes 10 and 11 with Multi. ^_^ As for episode 12... are you sure you're talking about 12? 12 was a bit moodier than the other episodes. I think you might be referring to 13.

SPIKE!!! ^_^ He's so great! I like the layout. ^_^

Thanks for joining the LH crew. Yay! Now the crew's almost complete.... There's just Haruka left.... It's all going according to plan... I mean.... *cough* ^_^

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hahaha i won!!

Posted by sataya @ 05/26/2002 02:56 PM PST

Hehe~ Hiya, i saw your comment in Uchiki's blog too, you play RO also?? Yay~ ^^;;; What's your name? Maybe I can try and find you somewhere... o_O

Posted by Gomaki @ 05/26/2002 11:35 AM PST

Now that you mention about it I kinda missed that game ha. ^^; Anywho, the fun stuff is just beginning he he.

Posted by hananikko @ 05/26/2002 01:22 AM PST

i'm so tired!!!!
crono trigger rules!

Posted by Cinti @ 05/25/2002 08:29 PM PST

Oy stupid Typos O__o

Posted by T @ 05/25/2002 01:02 PM PST

Ah coolz^_^ You guy's Aniem cluns are fun=D We have one at out school too, I rarely go though, cause before Dandan Took over, the club hella sucked O_o; but it's better now=D

Chrono Cross.. must watch again XD

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/25/2002 01:02 PM PST

thanks tsu-san~! -^.^- we've got an anime club at our school too... i've got bad memories there tho. -.-;; one of my friends liked the vice-president who just happened to be this guy i hung out with when i was little, so she tried getting me to hook them up. >_o then my other friends thought i was going out him or something... auuugh... x_x hard to be friends with guys w/o others thinking differently sometimes...

Posted by hikari @ 05/25/2002 12:40 PM PST

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