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05/26/2002 Archived Entry: "I Should be Studying for Stat..."

What have I been doing? More or less, I've been slacking off.

I really should look over some of my stat stuff for my final, which will be given in four parts this week, from Tuesday to Friday. However, I'm a lazy bum of a senior, so I haven't. I haven't read "She Stoops to Conquer" for english either, but it's only sixty pages or so, so I should be fine. I'll do it later today and tomorrow. Just as long as it isn't right now. ^_^

I've been slacking off playing Chrono Trigger again. ^_^ Right now I've just gotten Masamune. Woo! I'm really enjoying the game. It's tons better than Chrono Cross, let me tell you. I don't really get why, but Crono's growing on me. He's pretty cool. Which is really interesting because I didn't really think anything about Serge, who talks just about as much as Crono (i.e. not at all). Strange. But Lucca's my favorite right now. I like the cute, spunky, clumsy, scientist girls. ^_^

THERE'S MORE ONE PIECE!!! Yep, Mangascreener has released more One Piece. And it's a big update. There's over three new tankouban to read. Read it now! I did and it's not bad. Although, the Arlong arc is my favorite arc so far, you can see that this whole BW arc is going somewhere. I'm hoping that it gets better. *crosses fingers*

Good to have you back, man. ^_^ Looks like things are going well for you. That's great that Rachel's alright.

You're graduating too? Well, I guess that makes two of us. I hope yours goes well. Hopefully you'll get tons of graduation money. ^_^

Another ROer! ^_^ Alright, we'll play sometime. I'm a cute, pink-haired, female acolyte who goes by the name "Primrose." I'm only lvl 22, so I'm not exactly high-level or anything. Feel free to message me sometime.

P.S. For anyone else who's thinking about messaging me, please tell me that you're a visitor of my log. I tend to ignore anyone who just randomly messages me.

There, I linked you, ok? You happy? Nah, j/k. ^_^ Just, tell me if you want me to link you, ok?

Um... do you want me to call you Riku now?

Nice work there. *pat pat* Those are some pretty impressive scores. I know I'm impressed.

Yah, I know what you mean about the whole boy/girl friendship thing. I have female friends and I know some people get the wrong idea, especially when they're close friends. Geez... can't I just have close female friends without people thinking strangely!? I have this one particular friend who's away at college now. We're pretty close friends and I make it a point to stay in touch with her and see her whenever I can. I know some of my friends may think otherwise, but we're just friends. Geez... that just ticks me off sometimes.

You want me to call you Mizuki now?

Well... I don't care if you suck at RO, it's all for fun anyway. ^_^ Besides, I'm not exactly at a high level either.

You have $1 to your name? I beat you, I have negative dollars to my name. ^_^ I know I owe my sister $50 and my friend $20. So yah, I'm even poorer than you. At least graduation's coming up. ^_^

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erm... hikari or riku... doesn't matter to me. xD i think i'm just making life more complicated for myself anyway. -.-;; anyway *beams* thanks! although i think i shoulda done worse. some of my friends actually studied for that test and did worse than me... i felt terrible when they told me. so... no one other than you people online know about my scores. ^^;;

gah, yah that guy/girl relationship... bugs me lots. oi! it's even worse when i'm telling them about something my "onii-chan" did cuz they know my onii-chan isn't my real brother and they're all, "omg! you tell him more than you ever tell us!" etc. etc. etc. it's like... d00d... i tell him cuz he doesn't go around blabbing out all my secrets like SOME people. T___T pah... anywho... i totally know what you're talking about too. :D

Posted by hikari @ 05/27/2002 08:32 PM PST

TSU-KUN PLAYS CHRONO TRIGGER?! How coool!! It makes you even more cool! ^__^ I love to watch people play that game. Yeah, Chrono Trigger is better than Chrono Cross. Sure graphics in the second one are better, but like fun-wise, the first one is! Have you heard about Chrono Break? I think it's the next one coming out. heehee, I noticed that Tsu-kun likes the scientist-ish, cute, and spunky girls. ^_~ Just like Kohran ne?

Posted by Saga @ 05/26/2002 08:39 PM PST

Only level 22?? o_O Thats nuts~! *no offense no offense ^^;;* i'm only level 11 ;_;, i'm a really pathetic swordsman who goes by Gomaki and wears a pair of goggles o_O...

Posted by Gomaki @ 05/26/2002 05:26 PM PST

my internet is down stupid internet i can't go on i'm only online right now because i'm at my dad work studing... ;-; man this sucks i can't do anything i can't ro and i couldn't brag about beating when you mentioned it...oh did you see hung lose to a girl, rosey. it was so funny.. chrono trigger is cool and i bet you'll spend a lot more time on it, have fun!

Posted by sataya @ 05/26/2002 02:59 PM PST

Oooo!! Dang your already that far! ><;; Wait till u get to Magus's Castle. Whoops didn't mean to spoil it! Anywho, I updated my gallery I just added one Zoro pic. I didn't spend time makingit too fancy, but rather than a rough lets say ^^;;;

Posted by hananikko @ 05/26/2002 01:46 PM PST

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