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05/26/2002 Archived Entry: "Mmm... Meat..."

As I've stated before, I'm reading "She Stoops to Conquer" for english. Let me just say that it's not a very delightful read. I dislike reading old English-english. It just takes too much effort to read. Sure, after a while you get used to it and it's not too bad I suppose, but it still takes more effort to read compared to stuff written more recently. Gwar!

Oww~ I was just playing some more CT earlier and I hurt my finger trying to beat Ayla at drinking. My right index finger has a nice friction burn because I used a technique where I move my finger back and forth across the button. I find that it's the best and easiest way for me to rapidly hit a button, but it takes a lot out of the finger. It's discomforting, especially as I'm typing. =( At least I beat her. ^_^ Although, I really didn't need to go that fast... I beat her pretty well.... ^_^;

Tonight, my dad tossed slabs of meat onto an open fire, i.e. we had a BBQ. Mmmm~ I like BBQ. ^_^ You get to eat tons of meat! I like meat. ^_^ I had some nice pork ribs and slabs of chicken and beef. Yummy! ^_^ My grandma, grandpa, uncle, and aunt came over to eat with us. Whenever they see my sister and me, they always love commenting about how we've grown or something. My uncle says that I'm starting to get bigger. Not bigger stomach-wise, as I can't really get fat (my body is cool like that ^_^), bigger bulky wise. He says that I'm putting on some muscle. I don't know where he's coming from... I haven't really been putting on any muscle for the last... what was it...? Six months? No... more....

I want to put on some muscle though. Definately not to the point where I'm buldging all over, but at least to the point where I have some solidly defined muscles. That's why I want to do some exercise now. I'm making it a point to try to do pushups occasionally and just practicing some of my kickboxing I stopped doing over half a year ago. I want to get back in shape. Must remember to bring a deck of cards to school to challenge my friends to games of thirteen for pushups. ^_^

Here folks, some fun and really humorous reading for you:
X Handpuppet Teatre
Toastyfrog's Thumbnail Theatre

Forgot to ask this earlier, but you are on Chaos, aren't you? You better not be on Loki. Only losers play on Loki. ^_^

Nice Zoro pic. Everyone, check it out. ^_^

Woo! It's great that you got up your Grandia II site. Haven't played the game, but I hope to someday.

Ooo... you're dying your hair? What color? ^_^

Yah, I've heard of Chrono Break, but that was an awfully long time ago.... Do you know when it might be released?

Oh yah I like the cute, spunky scientist girls. ^_^ Especially Kohran, who's my favorite cute, spunky scientist girl. She even has purple hair! ^_^ In braids! ^_^ And glasses! ^_^ And she speaks in Kansai-ben! ^_^ There's just too much to like about her. ^_^

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w00t w00t
yes we need to do some more exersice stuff...

Posted by Cinti @ 05/27/2002 11:11 PM PST

Ohh, I love Old English! It is so spiffy. ^^

And argh, you are making me so hungry for grilled food now!
We need to get another tank of gas before we can grill, though.

Posted by Vilya @ 05/27/2002 05:26 PM PST

Gosh, were you rapidly pressing the darn thing are button mashing??? ^^; Anywho, I really like playing a little bit of FF Tactics. ^^

Posted by hananikko @ 05/27/2002 12:13 AM PST

I want BBQ tooo=O~~~~

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/27/2002 12:03 AM PST

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